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An essay on the Immigration Law and the Hispanics

Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2015-03-15 00:06:17 UTC

Context: Immigration in the US

Instructors have been giving students essay assignments on immigration laws and the decision of the president of the United States to allow illegal immigrants to stay longer in the United States. It is therefore imperative for any student writing a term paper or an essay on this topic to know the details of the political issue. You can have your research paper written by professional writers online. You can always be assured that reliable writers here will achieve the highest grade. All you have to do is order your term paper and leave the rest to the writing service. Read on to get an overview of the immigration law in relation to the Hispanic community. The United States has created stringent immigration rules to guard against the increasing number of immigrants into its territory. Immigration laws have mostly affected the Hispanic immigrants who flee their countries in search for better opportunities in the U.S. Stringent laws have resulted in racial profiling of the Hispanics in most states. Hispanics are forced to do unskilled jobs in the countryside to avoid being arrested by the immigration police in the towns, where they are mostly employed in farming. As a result, they are paid meager salaries with no opportunity for upward mobility. White Americans also subject Hispanics to ethnic segregation. Hispanics do not get equal employment opportunities with the white Americans. Besides the unemployment, Hispanics who are in the same job as the whites are paid lower wages than the whites. Hispanic women are restricted to traditional female jobs, which mainly included clerical jobs. Other Hispanic women are also employed in farms to work for the whites. Due to the strict immigration laws, illegal Hispanic immigrants are forced to live without social services from the government, unlike other American populations. Provision of healthcare is based on the legal status of the Hispanics. Health workers request to know their immigration status before they are accorded health services. Identity of the Hispanics has also been greatly affected by stereotyping and discrimination. Immigrants are viewed by Americans as backward, lazy and people who lack ambition. Hispanics are also viewed as people who are resistant to political incorporation hence pose a great threat to the political system of the United States. Their resistance to political incorporation and their ability to retain their unique cultural characteristics distinguish them from the Anglo mainstream population, and make them an easy target for discrimination. Hispanics are subjected to gender segregation, where Hispanic women are given less desirable and low paying jobs despite their relative similar educational qualification with the white women. The general perception that the white Americans have developed, therefore, Hispanics are only suited for the unskilled or low skilled jobs due to laziness and lack of ambition. Hispanics have resisted attempts of deculturization by the Americans as a result of their lower academic achievements. Attempts to make them fit in the American way of life have proven difficult. Due to the immigrant status and barriers posed by their previous countries, Hispanics have fewer expectations concerning the publicly financed social services by the American government. Native Hispanics have stuck to the Spanish language and the rituals that used to govern their daily lives. Adherence to their previous practices has made the process of deculturization to very complicated with less success being achieved. Native Mexico-American women still view themselves as subordinate to men hence do not take part in male dominated jobs. In fact, Hispanic culture has stood out and has influenced the American culture at different levels that include music and film. Hispanics, mostly women, have also influenced style and appearance, beauty standards and clothing of the American people. Hispanics have managed to fit into the American culture while retaining most of their identity. Order a term paper or essay at writingspro and you will be the best in class. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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