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A research essay on rock and roll

Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2015-02-22 17:54:53 UTC

Context: Music and History

You can buy a paper on one of the many music genres studied in colleges and universities. Apart from essays on classical music, students are often required to write rock and roll papers. This is one of the major music genres a music student might be given assignment to write a paper about. You can order an essay on rock and roll on this custom assignment writing website. We have writers to do papers in all subjects. The rock and roll age can best be described as a classical subculture that hit the country in the 1950s. It is perhaps the most vibrant ages of all times. It was identified as a group of youths who would practice a wide array of social rebellion through shared behavioral, musical, and dress code. The reasons for its decline can be argued that people changed over time. People became acclimatized to such trends that they preferred to place this culture into being a social landscape. People wanted a new trend. A new cultural prop that was not rebellious but rather classy. The new trends offered that. The emergence of pop culture offered that avenue. It was an era that had seen people tired of rebellious youths out to redefine culture. It was time they changed into something more sublime and cultural stable. The “bad-boy” image had been modified to commercialize. The death of the classical subculture was all but due to society inspections that had turned the culture into nostalgic, thus turning unmarketable. The marketers assessed the trends and found out that the culture was not changing, but the trend in youths stayed steady. They decided to shape out instead of staying stuck with the culture. It might be argued that it might have been a contributing factor to the decline in classical subculture. The only other era that came close was the hip-hop era. The commercialization of the bad boy, rap gangster was used to commercialize and it agreed with the market trends and was never rigid, unlike the rock age. It evolved with trends that were acceptable. The rock and roll age and period were far strong and widespread, but the tragedy was that it was stuck to a culture that was not evolved with market trends that would have been considered stable. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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