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A paper comparing photography and painting

Published under category: Sample Essays | 2015-02-21 21:59:44 UTC

Context: Art and Photography

Comparison essays examining the differences between photographs and paintings are a routine for art students. Some assignments involve establishing the apparent superiority of paintings while other papers are intended to explore the fidelity of photographs to history. Custom assignment writing services like this one are important in completing such papers for students as well as professionals. Buy an essay on photography from a reliable website. You can request for a paper from our professional writers here. The following is a sample comparison by an ESL writer. Understanding photography has always proven difficult. How best to tell a story has always been hard to explain in a photograph. The advantage of the photography, however, is the essence of honesty that it captures in presenting its objects. It is common to hear an expert refer to the voice behind the painting. A voice captured through the emotions and the objectivity of the picture. A comparison between painting and photography would not do justice to either art since both describe a very different style of performance and objectivity. In comparison of Van Gogh's painting of the shoe and the capturing of the same by a photographer would tell a very different story. Van Gogh would capture a shoe that has no specific or exact location, on the other hand, photography would have captured the exact surface they are placed on. The differences are eminent, but the artistic aspect of both can still be seen. It is interesting that the historical aspect of photography has been captured and it is notably the most prominent aspect of photography. Both Benjamin and Barthes have agreed on the aspect of history of photography. It has bypassed the aspect of painting since it captures real time. The existence of a framework that redefined photography has evolved into something totally different and non-existent. Arguments have been made that photography has perhaps evolved into the ghost. It is notable that it no longer captures that aspect of history that people so desperately want to hold on to. Instead, it has turned into art that is barely nonexistent and informable in so many aspects. Painting redefined art and all that it defined as far as capturing of a moment is concerned. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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