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Healthcare paper: Health insurance in the United States

Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2015-02-18 16:14:50 UTC

Context: US healthcare system

Due to the current debate on healthcare insurance, there are many papers or assignment on health care being given by instructors. Buy assignments essays on healthcare insurance from this website. Custom writing services to do you health care insurance paper offer premium services here. The following is an overview of a possible essay on healthcare insurance. Health has for long been an extremely expensive service to access. Despite the fact that it is a fundamental service, it still remains to be a preserve for the financially stable. However, in recent times, insurance companies have come to the rescue. With every passing day, different companies roll out different health plans for their clients. These health plans continue to be modified with time, to suite customer needs. With the growing cut-throat competition in the health insurance industry, only the company with the best schemes carries the day. In an attempt to market their products, companies do not hesitate to use their elaborate websites to advertise their health plans. One such insurance company is HealthPartners. HealthPartners offers medical care, coverage, research, and education to its members, and the community at large. Moreover, it offers a very wide range of medical services for all its members. Its health coverage includes open-access healthcare networks. Through its open-access policy, a member is able to obtain medical care in any hospital close to them. This is unlike many health insurance companies, which only provide cover under specific hospitals and healthcare centers. Open-access makes the patient more flexible when choosing a health center for medical attention. Other services include national networks and tiered networks. Tiered networks utilize administrative data to help a member select a low cost but highly effective healthcare center. HealthPartners also has several plans, which include, Medicare plans, individual plans, dental plans, co-pay plans, self-insured plans, deductible plans, and consumer-driven health plans, which even include a health savings account. The Medicare plan supports the aged, who go neglected by many insurance companies. This is in spite of the fact that they are most vulnerable to diseases at their age. HealthPartners thus provides a solution in Medicare, which covers members aged 65 years and above. In addition, HealthPartners has a group coverage plan for families, termed as ‘Three for Free’. In this plan, HealthPartners pays for the doctor’s fee for the first three visits, for each family member. Afterwards, the amount paid depends on the deductibles and coinsurance. Considering how expensive dental cover can get, HealthPartners offers a very affordable plan with access to three top-notch orthodontic providers in the Twin Cities Metro. What stands out about its plans is their affordability. They were all formulated with the customer’s interests in mind. HealthPartners has not been left behind as far as embracing technology is concerned. It has an easy-to-use website, which is a library of information. Moreover, it has an online pharmacy where one can refill, manage and transfer prescriptions. Amazingly, it has rolled out an application for these services in AppStore, where one can manage their prescriptions using their iPhone. How easier could things get? In addition, it provides an online diagnostic service, where one can talk to a doctor online, and get medical attention. Moreover, one does not have to call to call a hospital, to schedule for an appointment. Through their website, a member can easily place an appointment for themselves at a convenient date. For those looking to lose weight, eat healthy and keep fit, an online coach is availed to them. One only needs to log in, and all information will be available. In 2013, HealthPartners was among the first six companies to receive new accreditation as an Accountable Care Organization. The accreditation was from National Committee of Quality Assurance, which is a leading nonprofit organization that is dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare. The accreditation is usually valid for three years. To receive it, a company has to demonstrate not only the ability to improve quality and reduce costs, but also the ability to coordinate whole-person care throughout the health care system. HealthPartners did not fall short in any of these factors. Like any other company selling its products, HealthPartners has incentives to lure the public into their medical scheme. For starters, it tries to simplify everything for its members by ensuring all services are readily available. Prescriptions, for example, are delivered to members, once they are purchased online. Moreover, a member gets a three-month supply of medicine for just two copays. In addition, with a HealthPartners Member ID card, a member is able to receive great discounts at popular local and national retailers of health and well-being products and services. These include spa services, fitness and wellness services, eyewear, swimming lessons, among others. Undoubtedly, HealthPartners is geared towards excellence. Its online clinic is definitely a first in the insurance playground. It uses artificial intelligence for diagnosis, reducing the need for face-to-face appointments. HealthPartners’ concern for patient healthcare is unrivalled. This has led to it receiving several accolades, including the American Medical Group Association's national Acclaim Award, in 2006. All said and done, there always remains room for improvement. We always need to change, to remain at the top. For HealthPartners, its website needs to be more elaborate in its health plans, for easier understanding to a layman. Moreover, to further cut costs on its insurance plans, HealthPartners needs to invest in lower premium health insurance plans that deliver greater value, and are more affordable. Furthermore, it needs to come up with a plan aimed at improving nutrition and physical activity, to promote healthy living. By promoting healthy living, the healthcare burden will be reduced greatly. Nonetheless, HealthPartners still remains to be a health insurance company with a difference.ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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