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How to write Peer-reviewed Article Summary

Published under category: Sample Essays | 2015-02-06 10:26:28 UTC

Context: Article reviews

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Article I The article by Brase (2014) that explores the import of sex differences in relation to relationship infidelity presents a significant study of fundamental issues affecting relationships today. The topic, intent, methodology, and findings make the article more interesting and substantial. For instance, Brase (2014) study aims to elucidate on the sex differences existing in response to relationship infidelities, focusing particularly on comparing between roles of gender, sex, attachment, beliefs, and socio sexual orientation. According to Brase (2014), sex differences are considerably mediated by beliefs, sex roles, as well as individual differences and more significantly, such mediation is rooted in relevant sex differences. Consequently, the study intends to find out differences in reaction between men and women regarding emotional and sexual infidelity. The purpose for conducting the study is based on Brase (2014)’s hypothesis that evaluating sex variations in relation to infidelity would contribute significantly in assessing a variety of debates concerning the relative import of contiguous sociocultural causes such as the role of certain beliefs regarding infidelity between and within each sex, and that of more general personality traits. The research intends to address concerns about the explication of behavioral phenomena as well as evolutionary theories without exclusion of other mechanisms. Brase (2014) study employed a forced-choice methodology because the entirety of relationship infidelity forms is likely to be upsetting or simply yielding ceiling effects. The use of independent scales of rating in measuring reactions to emotional and sexual infidelity was unable to find major sex differences. Further, Brase (2014) employed a 6-item questionnaire as a system of data collection that can evaluate the relative potencies of people’s responses to emotional and sexual infidelity, as well as revealing dependable sex differences. The study found out, there were no factors that would show a stronger relationship with responses to infidelity more than participant sex. Article II The article by Sindi, Juster, Wan, Nair, Kin and Lupien (2012) explores an important aspect of human aging that is the implication of negative perceptions about aging. The study is interesting especially because aging stereotypes are numerous and as such, they cause depressive symptoms among aging people. Therefore, an exploration of internalized negative aging stereotypes is important in ascertaining whether they cause impairment in cognition, depressive symptoms and cortisol. Sindi et al. (2012) seeks to assess the relationship between cortisol concentration among aging people, internalized negative aging stereotypes, objective and subjective memory assessment, as well as depressive symptoms. The study assessed forty participants aged between 58 and 85 of 22 males and 18 females. Sindi et al. (2012) found out that older adult participants who were showing internalized negative aging stereotypes recorded high scores of GDS as well as memory complications. However, there was no correlation between internalized negative stereotypes and objective performance. Further, older individuals readily accept aging stereotypes because most of them believe that one is less useful in society, life becomes less enjoyable, and the risk of physical deterioration that is not discerned. Article III Alisauskaite and Butkiene (2013) study is a unique exploration of the emotional perceptions that may exist among children with intellectual disability as compared to those of regular development. The study is interesting because, there are many cases of bullying intellectually disable children without considering their emotions and the manner in which they affect their lives. Actually, being able to perceive emotions of others is fundamental in determining effective interpersonal communication in society since people are able to understand important signals shown by others, in order to adjust and take into account other people’s emotions, especially during interaction. According to Alisauskaite and Butkiene (2013), intellectually disabled children in many instances experience social and communication difficulties because of their poor abilities in perception and recognition emotions. Consequently, children who experience difficulties articulating communication and social signals sent from others have crisis with their peers and teachers. The study postulates that complexities experienced by children unable to understand emotional signals are related to their ability to perceive the motion as well as interpreting the situations. After carrying out the study Alisauskaite and Butkiene (2013) found out that regular development children had fewer compliocations than intellectually disabled children, since intellectually disabled children were unable to identify such social and communication emotion signals. The study is important because, it challenges peers and teachers to consider this kind of disability among the intellectually disabled as compared to children with regular development. Register and place your article review order with this assignment writing service ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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