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Research paper on blood groups and serology

Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-02-06 09:49:52 UTC

Context: Forensic science

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List the A-B-O antigens and antibodies found for each of the four blood types : A, B, AB and O Tracing the presence of either antigen A or B in red blood cells in the method that has been used to determine a person’s blood type in the A-B-O system. An individual with blood type A is one with each red blood cell having A antigens on its surface. Blood type B would indicate that a person has B antigens, and the red cells of type AB individuals have both A and B antigens. It is only type O blood that has red blood cells that have neither A nor B antigens. There are people who, however, have been described to be Rh positive and they have the D antigen. It has been discovered that, for every antigen, there is a corresponding antibody. Anti-A is linked to A antigen, anti-B for B antigen, and anti-D for D antigen. Understand and describe how whole blood is typed Serology would best be described as a wide variety of laboratory tests that use specific antigen and serum antibody reactions. It is common in typing of whole blood for its A-B-O identity. Any blood reacts or agglutinates only with its specific antigen. Type A blood agglutinates with anti-A serum, type B blood agglutinates with anti-B serum, type AB blood agglutinates by both anti-A and anti-B. However, blood type O does not agglutinate with any of the antigens. One can identify the natural antibodies present in blood through testing. A process that would require the use of blood with known antigens. They are commercially available. List the laboratory tests needed to characterize seminal stains The laboratory tests necessary to characterize seminal stains would include acid phosphates test, microscopic examination, and prostate specific antigen test. Explain how suspect blood and semen stains are to be properly preserved for laboratory examination Blood might be lifted by tape or scraped and preserved on cotton square. Absorption into threads is also acceptable. Bloodstained evidence can also be stored by being packed into a paper bag or envelope to avoid contamination. Semen, on the other hand, can be frozen or dried. In a situation that it has been established it will take some time before it is possible to freeze or the sample can be used it can be preserved in chemical solutions that would best preserve it. Preservation of evidence is a good way of ensuring that the samples collected would give the right information about the required data. It also helps in the preservation of DNA evidence. Describe the proper collection of physical evidence in a rape investigation The outer garments and the undergarments from the victim are collected and packaged separately in paper bags. A clean bed sheet is spread on the floor and clean paper is placed over it. The victim stands on it while removing all the cloths they wore this is to enable them collect any loose foreign material falling from the clothing. Take all the cloths and bag in different paper bags to avoid cross-contamination. Fold the paper so that all the foreign materials are collected in it. Items suspected to have seminal stains should be handled carefully. The victim then undergoes medical examination to verify if the rape did occur and apprehend the perpetrator. Order a paper on blood groups and serology only from this assignment writing service ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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