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An essay on how to choose a car

Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2015-02-06 08:55:05 UTC

Context: Cars

Making a choice on a suitable car often calls for deeper thinking and wide consultation. One’s personal preference, friends’ advice, the purpose of the car, professional advice and the financial aspect all come into play. When I was making a decision about the car that I wanted, all these variables affected my decision. I had to be open and listen to everybody’s opinion and then match them with my own thoughts. In the end, my decision was reasonable, arising from a process of critical thinking. The first stage involved is engaging in a process of personal reflection. I had to review my decision critically on the type of car I would choose. I considered questions like: Why did I need a car? What is my personal preference? How much money do I have for the purchase of the car? And finally, Will I be able to maintain it? I also sought advice from my friends to discover their preference. The professional pieces of advice that came from the vehicle dealers were also helpful and meaningful. As Elder and Paul (2004) recommend, I engaged in this process in order to have a clear idea on what vehicle will be suitable for me. I connected the opinions and questions asked by my friends on real life experiences in order to draw conclusions on which particular vehicle would suit my purpose. All through the decision-making process, I was guided by my preference for low-cost vehicles that would be cheaper to maintain. The vehicle had not to be too powerful as I would be using it to go to work and attend my classes at a local university. Despite my preference for a certain vehicle, I became open-minded and listened to suggestions from all sources. Finally, I came up with a reasonable choice that incorporated all the meaningful views from the varied sources. have your assignment written by this assignment writing service -> Home ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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