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An Essay on Colour and Design and image analysis

Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2014-09-26 18:10:37 UTC

Context: Picture art and colour design

Color is important in any image since it conveys different meanings in different color combinations present in an image. The placement of color, its intensity, proximity of different hues, and the shape of the regions that contain certain colors govern the perception of the observer of the image. Different parts of an image convey different pieces of information, which when put together result in one comprehensive and meaningful message. The image displayed is a multicolor image seemingly painted with many colors carefully applied to elicit a certain cognitive reaction from the observer. It is evident that the gestalt laws of color and perception apply in the analysis of the image by any image and or color specialist. This particular image portrays a sparsely cloudy sunset near the shore of a fresh lake or river. This is the overall perception of the observer without any deep analysis of the colors and the texture of the image. Color Notation The orange color of the sun is created using the basic RGB color notation. Orange is not one of the primary colors, and it is generated using the RGB system. The same system is used to paint the sky on the upper far left of the image where yellow hue is dominant. Green hue is evident in the foreground of the image. This hue is a result of using the primary color system. Several combinations of colors are used to create a good impression of the image without including a pure primary color. Various mild effects are achieved through this technique. Perceptual Effect The image is painted in a rough texture, and several vague aspects can be perceived in it. However, gestalt law of pragnanz applies in the image where any average human being can identify familiar objects in the image. For example, the sun, trees, boats, and the men in the lake are noticeable on close examination of the image. Although the image is blurred, and has a sky that can hardly be defined has clear or cloudy, there are objects in the image that an individual’s perception subconsciously captures. The highlighted objects make sense to an individual through past human experience. Gestalt Laws Gestalt law of proximity is exemplified by the trees in the image. The trees can actually be identified as several individual trees. However, the human cognitive reaction groups the trees. If the trees were to be described, one would identify them as a cluster rather than go into the depth of identifying individual trees. This is due to the proximity of the trees to each other. In addition, one can identify several people in the vessels in the water individually. The immediate reaction of one’s mind is to identify the occupants of the boats as people since they are huddled close together in the same boats. If the people were far apart, it would be easy for them to be identified as individuals rather than a group. In addition to proximity, the trees and the people in the boats are a symbol of similarity. It would be impossible to classify people and the trees as groups if they were objects of different physical orientation. This obeys the gestalt law of similarity were human visual perception tends to automatically classify physically similar objects into one or several homogenous clusters. Strokes of orange can be seen in the background of the image. These strokes succeed in creating an impression of the sky covered by light clouds and illuminated by the setting sun. The continuity of the streaks of orange implies that the gestalt law of continuity applies in the image. Moreover, continuous white streaks succeed in creating an impression of water body in the foreground. There are several smudges of grey in the foreground. Gestalt law of common fate is implied by these grey smudges since they are stretched in the same direction. Their shape, color, and the manner in which they are placed imply that they are similar objects with a likelihood of sharing a destiny. Role of Contrast Contrast plays a great role in conveying information in the image. This phenomenon is simply a noticeable difference in hue. An impression of the sun has been created in the background of the picture against a dull cloud. The fact that a shade of grey and blue surrounds the orange hue makes the intensity of the sun stand out. On the other hand, the orange color used to represent the illumination of the clouds and the sky by the sun does not exhibit such intensity. Reduced contrast between the impression of the illumination of the sky and the surrounding mixture of colors is the cause of this effect. In addition, the use of orange in other parts of the painting other than the sun creates an impression of vibrancy due to the effect of complimentary colors. A silhouette of the water vessels and the people in them succeeds in creating an image that can be perceived by the human eye. Moreover, the sharp contrast in the image helps create a definite outline of the figures in the image. The hue created by cyan and grey in the background results in warm and cold contrast with the intense orange color of the sun. Conclusion Through the use of colors and a coarse painting technique, a multifaceted impression is made by the image. Color and contrast are the most evident perceptual effects in the image. The creator of the image has also perfected the art of prioritization of colors in their suitable context. For example, orange, a radiant color, has been used in the impression of the sun against cyan and grey which are cool and dull hues respectively. WRITING ART ANALYSIS ESSAYS This is an essay analysis of a picture. The particular picture is not posted here on the blog. 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