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An essay on Kalam cosmological argument

Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2014-12-01 11:56:13 UTC

Context: Existentialism

It is a common practice for instructors to give their students assignments on the existence of God. Most essays of the existence of God will take one of the several approaches used in such arguments. To write a custom paper on existentialism, theories considered are similar to those that might be considered for an essay on existence of God. Cosmological arguments are one of the most common approaches to existentialism, especially by religious philosophers. Since existentialism is a controversial topic, logic based theories have not managed to find a solution to the existence of God. It is therefore important that students develop an understanding of philosophical cosmology by writing research papers and on cosmological arguments. One common assignment is an essay on Kalam cosmological argument. Instructors will often ask their students to write a paper on Kalam cosmological argument discussing existence of god or existentialism. For this reason, students may find themselves in need of an urgent paper on Kalam cosmological argument. An essay on philosophical cosmology due in a few hours may not be easy to write. However, you can have your custom essay written here today if it is due tomorrow. Further, you are liberty to choose very short deadlines for an essay due in a few hours. By a few hours, means that the essay is due in, five, ten, eight or twelve hours. Be free to buy a custom written paper on Kalam cosmological argument here. You can however read a, short background on the Kalam argument before buying a custom essay in the following text. The essay to be written may seek to investigate theories on the beginning of the universe. Many people accept the theory that the universe began with a big bang about 15 billion years ago. This theory has been refined by science, giving a new dimension to theological arguments. Kalam cosmological argument based on Islam uses the big bang theory to illustrate the finite nature of universe. Kalam cosmological argument asserts that everything that has a genesis must have an agent to cause it. Therefore, God must have initiated the universe, with the big bang as the beginning. Just like in Greek tradition, Kalam cosmological argument asserts that God is eternal and has no genesis or cause. However, the Kalam cosmological argument does not identify a condition that requires God to be the cause of universe. Contemporary physics asserts that some particles apparently come into existence without any cause. The basis of this argument is that existence of the subatomic particles is random, and does not necessitate a cause. Similarly if matter in the universe came into existence due changes in the state of a vacuum, there is no cause for such an action. The vacuum theory necessitates a situation where the universe is contained in a bigger space. Alternatively, you can write an essay on arguments based on pure physics. More arguments explore the theory of existence of universe without an apparent cause relative to the law of conservation of energy. Some scientists conclude that the law would not be violated if the mass and energy of the whole universe summed up to zero. Edward Tyron, a physicist argues that universes may happen randomly without any cause since the sum of energy in them is zero. This scientific argument refutes the Kalam. Another argument is that since the universe is expanding, at maximum size, it will contract to a single point until another big bang is triggered. Such a process requires the universe to have a certain threshold mass. If the universe has such a mass, it will expand to a certain point were expansion cannot go further. The succeeding contraction will crush all the matter into a singular point. Although such a universe can contract to a single point the contraction is finite, and will tend to reverse at a certain point. Another expansion identical to the current one will take place. Such a theory suggests that the current universe is the expansion phase that succeeded the previous contraction. Therefore, the current universe is a part of a cosmic cycle rather than a creation by God. However, contemporary physics indicate that the universe is not massive enough for such a contraction, and therefore eliciting doubt in the theory. There is no end to arguments for and against Kalam cosmological argument, and essays on this particular topic can only be narrowed to manageable scopes. To buy an urgent essay on Kalam cosmological argument, order a paper right now for professional level writing experience. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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