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Internet is used by people of all age groups form all societies. However, every age group has what it targets on the internet. Essay writing service is targeted by young people of school going age and researchers. It is also a reserve of the adults in their thirties and forties who are doing their PhD papers. We can comfortably conclude that essay writing service is the only industry that has exclusively young customers.

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You might be inclined to object to these assertions. You might think that Facebook and twitter are the top industries that have the youngest fan base. Facebook has repeatedly reiterated that its users have a median age of 40 years. In contrast, the essay writing service industry has a median age of 15 to twenty four years. This does not mean that you cannot find a few people in their forties and even a few more people in their thirties using custom essay writing service. As we have seen, this phenomenon is occasioned by the fact that a good percentage of custom essay users are doing their post graduate studies. These students are on average older than a regular essay writing service user. This article is going to examine the nature of this industry at length and investigate it from the view of search engines, the academic community, academic institutions such as universities, and the society in general.

We so far have discussed the view of essay writing service industry from the viewpoint of the wider society. However, this writing is targeted at the writing service user, to give a guide as well as provide a reference from which a reader can create a unique perspective of this noble industry. For this purpose, the function of essay writing service in academic affairs of the education system, especially in developed countries will be discussed. It is imperative to acknowledge the essay writing service is an essential part of modern university and college system especially in the United States. Developed countries such as the UK the United States, Australia the United Arabs Emirates follow closely in the usage of essay writing service. Other countries do not feature much when it comes to essay writing because of economic constraints.

It is not that the United States’ people are loyal customers of the industry, but it is only that the economic situation in most of America allows students to order essay from essay writing service. It should also be unfair to leave out the contribution of American liberalism to the avid use of essay writing service in USA. The education system is liberal and this is evident from the variety of innovations that have flooded the United States and the world due to this embrace of the ideal of American dream. Students are allowed to submit their unique ideas and writings for examination purposes, given that the submitted work is has no plagiarism. This is a requirement essay writing service has easily fulfilled by making academic writing service for US students and even students in other developed countries. This liberalism has put the United States ahead of any empire that has existed since human civilization. If most essay writing service are in the United States, and the USA is the most technologically advanced society on earth, there is no reason not to use the noble services.

Essay writing service perceptions: Online essay writing as perceived by society

The general opinion of custom essay writing has been mixed, with the older generations sticking to conservative opinion while you younger people embrace modernity and evolution of academia. Ask any person who went to school in the ‘70s or even those who were born in the 1930s of their opinion or their essay writing service reviews. Most will post negative comments about this industry. The belief of the conservative of the twentieth century is that academic work, especially that which is used for examination purposes, should not be copied from anywhere and all information submitted should be from a student’s mind. As noble as this idea seems it can easily be debunked through a deconstruction based on empirical evidence. In this journey of debunking myths about essay writing service, we will examine the various methods through which information has been shared, beginning in antiquity up to the twenty first century. We will determine where formal schooling and its ultra conservative ideas fit, and where essay writing service and its good contribution to the society falls.

As mentioned above, the older generation of today draws its view of essay writing from the militarism of the first half of the twentieth century. This is a time when schooling was militarized, with each nation preparing for war with its neighbor. Earlier in the in the 19th century, Prussia had developed a system of education for military personnel that was basically brainwashing. Existent of Prussia as a state depended on the militaristic thinking of the people and officials of the government. It is then that information was monopolized so that the only accredited form of learning was the three tiered education system where all information one learned was obtained from the teacher. This resulted to one dimensional people who could be instructed to do all horrible things that are done in war without question. The result of this system was lack of variation of ideas and stagnation of innovation. This is where conservative view of essay writing service is derived.

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Earlier, before the industrial revolution, people learned through apprentice. For example Pierre Simon Laplace learned a great deal from Joseph Louis Lagrange. Similarly, many influential scientists such as Leibniz, Euler learned from Isaac Newton. It is worthwhile to note that Mozart and Beethoven learned from Haydn, while almost all influential classical music composers leaned from Johann Sebastian Bach, all through apprenticeship. This kind of learning did not require you to sit in an examination room and compose unique music without looking at what others had done, but you were actually required to build on the teacher’s work, this teacher-protégé relationship brought about the industrial revolution and the technology we have so much enjoyed in the twentieth century. It was liberal then. Just like the influence of essay writing service, it is evident that open liberal learning is productive. We actually have few innovations and inventions that formal education can boast of.

What is the opinion of society on essay writing service?

If you search the phrase essay writing service on the internet, the first result is an article by Huffington post and perhaps a few other news sites demonizing the use of essay writing service by students. Most of these online newspapers have a conservative view of the industry, and most of them are more than one hundred years old. However, if you look at modern websites, you will note that the opinion of the people there is positive. This is so if you especially examine the essay writing service reviews that discuss how various essay writing websites perform. To most that are below the age 40, essay writing service is an important tool for a university, college and high school students. This is because it supplements their work in class and helps them learn how to express their opinion and pass over information, which is the primary aim of essay writing and education in general. Due to the conservative outcry, google once stopped short of banning the industry from their search engine. In contrast, other search engines such as live, yahoo, sina, baidu have always considered essay writing a legitimate industry that ought to be treated with respect. In fact, Google suspended the essay writing service industry from its adwords system for some time in a bid to be politically correct. This turned out to be counter intuitive because it affected most of google users. To be lucrative through search, you have to target online spenders, who are young people. Essay writing service buyers are a big chunk of this crowd. Over the years, Google has quietly retracted their threat of negative action noting that the wave is against its move and that times have changed. You can now search and advertise essay writing service like any other business.

Best essay writing service

What is not being mentioned is that essay writing service has become and accepted practice for students over the years. It is now an integral part of the education system. Naysayers will always pretend that the industry is a new phenomenon. This conservative class is the group that has held sway in business and politics leading to the astronomical gaps in wealth and human development index in all countries of the world. Conservative media and personalities will express dismay at current trends every time you care to listen to them. This is all myth. The truth is that essay writing service began in the infancy of semiconductor technology. In the 1960s and 1970s, essay writing service existed in its present form if not in a more aggressive structure. However, with the semiconductor technology of the time and the level of communications engineering, essay writing service could only be implemented at a local level with an office and resident writers. Then, they were referred to as essay mills, a derogatory term from the conservative thinking of the time. However, today they have been accepted as valid academic tools. Back in the ‘70s, you had to go to an office building with a room number to find the essay writing support staff so that you can give them the details of your paper. You would then communicate with them using old landline phones. Changes or a revision to your essay was always delivered manually. You had to drive or even fly there to get your masters dissertation done. Today, it a different story where a student goes to an essay writing service online and makes and order for a research paper. Therefore, the industry has always been there, only the methods have changed. It is certainly a clever idea to use custom essay writing service today.

What is the outlook in essay writing service in the internet?

It is a great relief for the students and the academic community as education becomes increasingly internet oriented. Schools, Universities such as Princeton, Harvard, MIT and other notable places of academic excellence have began adopting the internet as a tool for reaching far away students. These institutions have realized that the business aspect of education cannot be perfected without the use of modern business tactics. Just like essay writing service, these schools are using online portals to educate remote students. Fit  is actually possible for a professor to conduct a biology lecture online, with everyone seeing the professor and the professor seeing all the members of the class even though they are at different locations. The ideal classroom environment is created without students having to travel to and from school. Evidently, the education system in developed countries is beginning to embrace the idea originally created by essay writing service industry after decades of resistance to change. It is now a legitimate tool for learning English as well as completing class assignments.

Given the acceptance of essay writing service in the modern education system, many academics have set up online platforms where students can order their papers from the comfort of their homes or class. There are several variation of essay writing service. The oldest and the most conservative version is the dissertation writing service, this type emerges from traditional need for masters dissertations, PhD dissertations, and other types of thesis papers needed by students. This writing service is called graduate writing service. The problem emerges when some of these dissertation writing service have undergraduate writers only. This will be examined shortly. The other type is the university essay writing service, which deals with University, college and high school papers. There is a college essay writing service, but it is essentially similar to the university level paper service. All high school papers are done by graduate and this explains why there is no high school paper service. Modern essay writing service has writers for PhD, masters, graduate papers, university research papers, and even high school assignments. To have a reliable essay writing service, a company or writing website must have all types of writers. Therefore, it is correct to say that modern reliable essay service with value for money have all types of writers and are not specialized exclusively in graduate papers university essays or high school assignments.

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Essay writing service: what are the moral arguments?

There is no solid moral argument as to why essay writing service should not be used by students. If anything, it seems outright immoral to prevent students from having their assignments done online. Immanuel Kant argues that for a rule to be morally applicable or morally right, the individual considering the premise must be will to universally will the premise. The premise is moral if it is applied without exception. Consider an educationist that has gained his or her experience from other educationist as well as administrators. This knowledge cannot be said to be entirely original to their mind. This is the same exact position held by custom essay service. Students learn from essay writing service as the papers are written by a more experienced individual. It is therefore legal and moral to buy essays from essay writing service. It is also worthwhile to note that there is no moral negative consequence of obtaining help from custom essay writing service. You can therefore get “premium essay writing service to write my essay” right here on this website.


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