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Instructors usually make group assignments for their students, and while it seems awkward, there is a good reason group assignments are necessary. In classes where the number of students is very high, the professor is not able to review the work of all students individually. If an assessment proves that the group assignment is as effective in training university or high school students as the individual homework, then it is logical to have the students deliver a group assignment through turnitin. Another reason is the nature of assignment. When the paper is large or requires a lot of work, one student cannot complete such an assignment. An example is a research project that involves background and introduction, literature, review, experimentation, procedures, data collection, analysis and inferences, and conclusions or recommendations. Science group assignments and engineering group assignments tend to have this kind of partitioning. Each student in the group does their part and they assemble the work and have it properly formatted and edited. Since group work is usually inconsistent owing to the many contributors, online companies for assignment writing can be hired to make uniform and high quality group assignments.

Importance of a good grade in group assignment

When assignments are completed by students in a group, but in one class, there are benefits and consequences. Not everybody in the team wishes to work hard in a project that benefits other people, never mind that they are friends or classmates. When the first attempt at doing the assignment fails, students can use an online company to do group assignment. Benefits of group assignment include the ability to upload an assignment more than once. Cornell university assignment guidelines provide this function. Secondly, students do not have to disagree in writing their assignments, but only have to contribute some money to pay the online writer. Take for instance, where there is a group assignment to be done over the weekend. Students have different commitments over the weekend and it is almost impossible to make the group members meet and do the group assignment. When a company is hired to do the work, everything becomes simple.

Dissertation expert to do my part of group assignment

When a number of students within a group have committed themselves to do their part of the paper, and you do not have time to do your part, you can also ask online expert to do my part of a group assignment cheap.

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There are more chances that you will have a better paper written online without plagiarism compared to other students. You may be embarrassed to be the one to contribute the section that fails everyone because it is copied. With professional services, the part of the group homework is unlikely to be copied even though it might cost you.

Literature reviews as a part of a group assignment

While other students do everything else, it is common for one student to be given the literature review part because splitting it into many sections makes it tacky and untidy. Literature review chapter can be long and difficult for one writer. Additionally, the student expected to tackle literature review section must be an expert in Harvard, MLA, APA, Chicago, Oscola, and even Turabian citation and referencing styles to do a good literature review. The use of peer reviewed sources, primary research, secondary research, and relevant articles makes literature review part of a group assignment even more difficult. For this kind of homework, it is always wise to leave it to the expert in order not to disappoint.

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Conclusion part of a group assignment

Apart from literature review, the conclusion is left to one student when doing group homework. Making conclusions needs a streamlined analysis and a harmonious conclusion with a particular inference. Varying and opposing opinions by different authors are not acceptable for the conclusions. The teacher may even specify on the blackboard that the conclusions must be done by one student. In rare cases, university regulations ask every student in the group to submit the same assignment. However, this is a rarity rather than the norm. In all cases, it is always possible to have dissertation chapter, thesis chapter, conclusion chapter, and the analysis chapter done online.


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