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  • An essay on China: How to buy such a paper

    Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2014-11-22 05:18:24 UTC

    Context: The state of China

    There several countries on which custom papers may be based on. China, the United States, or any other significant modern super power nation may be the focus of such essays. China is becoming a significant world power, with some of its economic parameters used to determine the size of an economy surpassing those of the United States. The problem with writing research papers on China is the fact that the countries social-political system does not allow free dissemination of information or scrutiny to government activity. Therefore, details on this superpower are largely undocumented and unavailable for waiting custom essays. Reliable writin...

  • Argumentative essay on capital punishment

    Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2014-11-22 04:48:00 UTC

    Context: Criminal justice system

    Most research papers discussing capital punishment are usually argumentative papers. In college, students will often find themselves tasked with writing such essays. This tendency for instructors to issue such assignments is because capital punishment is a controversial issue. However, some professor’s might consider asking their students to write essays in slightly different topics such as effectiveness of capital punishment or pros and of the practice. While arguing in such essays is not an impossible task, it can be challenging to write high quality paper adhering to structure and format of the assignment. Consequently, many students as...

  • Gulf war essay: Buy essay or write one

    Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2014-11-19 03:00:03 UTC

    Context: Politics in Iraq

    Gulf war is one of the most studied wars of the modern times. In contrast to American engagements in the world wars and Asia, a student will buy an essay on gulf war throughout the course more than any other. When writing essays on the gulf war, there are tendencies by American student to argue against the Saddam regime of the time. However, it is important to remember that academic essays should be objective and not be politically influenced. Online writing help professionals are best for completing such essays objectively. If I wanted online help to do my gulf war essay, I would not wan...

  • Where to buy a custom essay on Beethoven

    Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2014-11-19 00:44:57 UTC

    Context: Music and History

    You can buy an essay on Beethoven and save yourself the hassle of having to write. Ludwig van Beethoven was an eighteenth century German musician. There is substantial documentation on Beethoven online and in libraries for you to use to write an A grade paper. However, you can also have your Beethoven paper done for you online. Getting help to do a Beethoven paper involves visiting a page, filling out the details and asking us to write the essay. Whether you want to buy a Beethoven research paper or a custom essay on Beethoven, you can always count on online writing help profe...

  • Buy an essay on Apple Inc versus Samsung.

    Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2014-11-19 00:16:53 UTC

    Context: Patent lawsuits

    Essays on court battles among large multinational companies are common in college and university. Professors want students in law schools and university to examine real life court scenes, arguments and rulings to for first a feel of what practice is like. Therefore, students will always want to buy a custom essay on Apple Inc. Versus Samsung. One case that students want to buy a paper for is the Samsung versus Apple Inc case. In this case, Apple Inc sued Samsung for infringing on their marketing rights. Before you buy a custom essay on Apple versus Sa...

  • An essay on Susan Glaspell’s Trifles

    Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2014-11-15 06:39:34 UTC

    Context: Analysis on Glaspell's Trifles

    The play, Trifles, is one of the most studied literary pieces in schools. A significant number of essays written in school are based of this play. Instructors find trifles an invaluable piece of insight into a woman’s life in the early twentieth century America. There are several ways in which instructors ask their students to write essays on this play. Most custom essays written focus on the themes in trifles. However, it is not uncommon for students to order an essay on Trifles that focuses on the plight of one character in the play. There are several female character...

  • An essay on Marjane Satrapi’s “Persepolis”

    Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2014-11-14 23:37:50 UTC

    Context: Socio-cultural literary analysis

    Writing an essay on a book such as Persepolis is a routine for many students. In modern western education systems, books by authors from the Far East and the Middle East are rarely featured in writing essays simply because there is little knowledge of them. Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis is an exception to this observation. Many custom essays completed here are based on this graphic novel. Sartrapi was born in Iran and later escaped to France after failing to cope with the demands of the authorities as well as those of the society in Iran. Her novel, Persepolis is based on her life experiences, especi...

  • Great Gatsby essay: How to write the custom paper

    Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-11-14 21:54:59 UTC

    Context: Book and Movie reviews

    Some of the most common urgent essays are book reviews and critical analysis of American political, economic, and social landscapes. That said, The Great Gatsby, is one of the most reviewed book, and students are often asked to write an essay on this book in college or high school. This novel, written by Scott Fitzgerald, and later popularized by other authors and the United States education system, evaluates some tenets of American society that were common in the early twentieth century. Consequently, this book is one of the most popular novels on which instructors base their nov...

  • Research essay on trends in nutrition

    Published under category: Custom Writing | 2014-11-12 15:30:50 UTC

    Context: Diet and nutrition

    Diet and nutrition are two concepts that are often used together. However, in healthcare and medicine disciplines, there is a distinction of the two words. Diet is the total amount of food substance ingested by a human being within a specific period. Diet description includes the type of food consumed by a particular person. On the other hand, nutrition describes the type of food consumed by an individual and the reaction of the human body to the food. Thus, nutrition investigates the effect of diet on the human body. Nutrition is concerned with the effect of food substances on Read more >>

  • Communication Trends in Apple Inc and 3M research paper

    Published under category: Sample Essays | 2014-11-11 00:09:26 UTC

    Context: Business communication and strategy

    Introduction: Communication is an essential part of business operations. It is through communication that the management of an organization monitors the work of the employees. People working within an organization have to report to their supervisors through communication. It is also through communication that the organization is able to attract and negotiate with the customers. Apple Inc is one of the most recognized firms in the United States. The firm has been good at advertising its products. On the other hand, Apple has been accused of being partial on rev...

  • An essay on "Oedipus the king", and a speech by Pericles

    Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2014-11-10 01:14:45 UTC

    Context: Classic Literature

    Pericles, a leader and respected man in Athens, was a skilled orator. His literary work had a significant impact on the people of Athens even after he died. During his time, Athens was occasionally at war. With the successful defense of the city, it was required that an honorable burial be conducted for those who had died. A speech from a respected figure was also required. Pericles’ speech at a funeral of some of the dead soldiers, is one of the most renowned pieces of oratory work in hist...

  • Online urgent paper writing help

    Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2014-10-19 11:56:58 UTC

    Context: urgent essays and papers

    In your school life, you will often be assigned reports, research papers and essays to complete. Not only are you supposed to complete these papers on time, but you are also expected to attain a good grade. Most college students have the capacity to write above average papers. However, with many other activities other than completing papers, students will often find themselves in need of urgent paper writing help. Asking for help to do your urgent paper is not a sign of weakness, but it show that your character is diversified and that you have many things to allocate your time to. There for seeking urgent paper writing help is an advice fo...

  • Essay on law and policy of media: Common carriage

    Published under category: Sample Essays | 2014-10-19 11:51:28 UTC

    Context: Law in media and mass communications

    The concept of common carriage was developed in Europe in the eighteenth century. During the initial applications of the concept, it was considered a natural occurrence in the social system and a fact that could not be easily discredited. The concept was applied to the public services that people ought to access regardless of their social status. Postal and transport services were the most recognized industries that conformed to the law in almost every aspect (Croteau et al., 2012). However, the judicial system recognized the law of common carriage even without its formal registration as a regulation. In the early twentieth century, the...

  • Essays on philosophy, ethics and metaphysics

    Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-10-19 02:41:34 UTC

    Context: Philosophy and ethics

    Do all people have free will, or are their lives determined by fate? 2.Epistemology: How is anything known? What is the basis for knowledge? Is it innate reason, experience, or something else? Is all knowledge subjective, or are there some universal truths? What is the relationship between faith and reason? What can artificial intelligence teach people about knowledge? What are the limits of human understanding? 3.Ethics: What is the right thing to do? What does it mean to be a “good person”? Does virtue lead to happiness? Do the ends justify the means, or is a virtuous action virtuous in and of itself? How does living in a ...

  • An essay on the experiences of women in different societies

    Published under category: Custom Writing | 2014-10-19 02:11:51 UTC

    Context: Women and gender studies

    Review the primary sources in Chapter 6 of Encounters in World History. All of these sources discuss the experiences of women in different societies of the ancient Eurasian world. Consider Ban Zhao's "Lessons for Women" (pp. 163-166) and the diary of Vibia Perpetua, a Christian martyr (pp. 169-172). Of thsee two women, which do you think presented a greater challenge to the patriarchy of their societies? In your response, you must: 1) define patriarchy; 2) use at least two specific pieces of evidence from the primary sources. In citing quotes or paraphrased evidence from the sources, please use a parenthetical citation at the end of the s...

  • An essay on cruising in Asia

    Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2014-10-18 11:30:08 UTC

    Context: Cruise tuorism and economics

    Cruising in Asia: This assignment is an independent investigative report on some aspect of Cruise Ship Tourism. This may be either a review of one aspect of cruise tourism such as its economic impacts, contribution to communities or issues of management. Alternatively it may be a case study of a cruise destination area of it could be an overview of the recently held Cruise Conference which you participated in. This report should include a Title Page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Lists of Figures and/or Tables etc followed by a number of parts such as an Introduction, Literature Survey, Statement of Research Intent, Results, Discussion, ...

  • Talent Management Strategic Plan paper

    Published under category: Custom Writing | 2014-10-18 02:00:18 UTC

    Context: Management and strategic planning

    1. Your Team is an External Management Consulting Firm. You have been engaged to build a Talent Management Strategic Plan for Candlelight, Inc. 2. To create a Talent Management Strategic Plan to address the business requirements laid out in the business case below. 3. Prepare, Present and gain Senior Management approval for your plan. You intent is to be awarded the consulting engagement for Implementation of the Strategic Plan. 4. You are competing with several other consulting firms for this engagement. 5. Your plan and presentation must be prepared in such a way to clearly demonstrate to Senior Management the value your...

  • Brain Based Lie Detection essay

    Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2014-10-18 01:55:11 UTC

    Context: Corporate social responsiblity

    If you accept this opportunity, you will read two journal articles about Brain Based Lie Detection, and then prepare a 3-5 minute presentation answering the following questions: What is fMRI and how does it work? Is there currently any peer reviewed research which demonstrates fMRI's reliability? In your opinion, what are its strengths and weaknesses. In your opinion, will fMRI likely be found admissible in court? What is electroencephalography (EEG) and how does it work? Is there currently any peer reviewed research which demonstrates EEG reliability? In your opinion, will EEG likely be found admissible in court? A...

  • An essay on Walmart corporate social responsibility

    Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2014-10-18 01:47:41 UTC

    Context: Corporate social responsiblity

    Do your own research on Walmart’s corporate social responsibility and write a constructive reflection journal, your personal response to the research that you find, giving your opinions on the material that you've read. This is not a summary, it is a journal so you are required to express your opinion about it while giving evidence to support your ideas about the research. Address an aspect that you found particularly compelling. WRITING ESSAYS ON LARGE CORPORATIONS Walmart is a large company that offers retail services. Due to its size and close relationship with the residents of the areas it operates, Walmart has is often expected t...

  • Management dispute and resolution case study

    Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-10-18 01:41:57 UTC

    Context: Organizational theory and management

    Select an organization within the past 5 years IN THE UNITED STATES that has recently had a management labor dispute AND resolution. Indicate the nature of business of the organization, brief history and vision and mission statement. Determine the causes of the dispute, the principles involved in negotiations and the details of the resolution or agreement. Also give your opinion on how negotiations were conducted and resolved. Paper should be a minimum of seven pages with APA references on a separate page All references (books, newspapers, periodicals, internet sources, etc.) should be cited using MLA on a separate page. There should...

  • An essay on Endangered Species Act and the ecosystem

    Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-10-17 07:41:57 UTC

    Context: US environmental protection law

    The Endangered Species Act remains a very controversial piece of legislation. To paraphrase a common argument against the ESA: The law originally was conceived to help majestic animals such as the bald eagle. But, to the exasperation of developers, it often is imposed instead to protect rodents and insects, organisms that the general public has little interest or concern for saving these species. The conflict arises because environmentalists say it is essential to protect all species, even the most obscure, to preserve an ecosystem. Many would argue that the ESA is one of the only pieces of legislation that environmentalists can use to...

  • An essay on United States' healthcare system

    Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-10-17 07:38:40 UTC

    Context: US healthcare system

    Obviously, the government is formed with the intention of ensuring that there is balance and control in the society. The essence of control is to ensure that people exercise their liberties with due caution. This means that people enjoy their liberty without obstructing others from enjoying their own liberties. On the other hand, for a stable society to exist, authorities have to ensure that resources are shared among people in a relatively equitable way (Lazar & Hilaire, 2004). Since people are acquisitive in nature, it is necessary to control the use of resources, so that even those who are not strong enough to bargain for their share ar...

  • Model of management integrating strategic management

    Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2014-10-17 07:25:17 UTC

    Context: Management theory and industry research

    Students will be required to build a model of management practice that integrates content from strategic management and the context of their professional interest topic. Students may make use of management theory as well as industry research to show the interaction between the different learning outcomes. The objective of this assignment is on the one hand to learn how to build a model and on the other hand to integrate the acquired knowledge within professional management practice. Students will have the opportunity of selecting a topic of their choice. Building a model of management practice requires a full literature review and a rel...

  • Expenditure plan report for a city

    Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2014-10-17 07:14:19 UTC

    Context: Accounting and financial planning

    You are in the role of a chief operating officer of a large non-profit hospital. . The board of directors has requested that you prepare a summary of the issues involved in a $50 million expansion. Because of local political issues and the uncertainty of the financial policy of recently elected U.S. officials, they may have to scale the expansion back to $25 million. Prepare a report for the mayor and city council on your proposed expenditure plan reflecting on the key course objectives. In this report, you should accomplish the following tasks: Examine the differences between the public and private sector accounting principles. Int...

  • Colloquy on political arena and development of curriculum

    Published under category: Custom Writing | 2014-10-17 07:07:27 UTC

    Context: Education and school administration

    We begin with Tip O'Neill's famous quote, "All politics is local." From there, for the next two weeks in your third colloquy, I would like you to move into the political arena of curriculum and curriculum development. Part of your previous discussion on subjects has overlapped into this issue, but I would like you to explore the issue in a more focused manner. Now that we have a new administration in office, we'll probably see a lot of discussion of education in politics. To that end I have the following questions as prompts: Which players or constituents of the school should control, dictate, or have input into the curriculum--th...

  • Healthcare organizations essay

    Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-10-16 19:15:04 UTC

    Context: Healthcare organizations regulations

    DQ1: What information sources do you use to keep up-to-date on changes in health care? How can you use these sources to help your organization stay sustainable?(350 WORDS) DQ2: What are some of the different types of evaluation methods that healthcare organizations use? (150 WORDS) DQ3: How do you think adapting to new federal health care regulations will positively and negatively affect the ability of health care organizations to become more sustainable? (225 WORDS) DQ4: What are some recent federal regulations that have been enacted to try to reduce our harm to the environment and the earth? Do you think these regulations go far...

  • Major architectural figures research paper

    Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2014-10-16 02:36:22 UTC

    Context: Architecture and building

    As a counterpoint to the major architectural / theoretical figures we're covering in class, the following exercise will expose us to various "alternative" visionaries and organization - both past and present. These ventures often prioritize social / sustainable issues, may involve alternative methods of practice and/or construction, and may have been marginalized, with varying degrees of successfully realized projects. Your presentation must include a critique of your subject's premise, its strategy as an organization, and its manifestation in built or unbuilt projects. Please research about Shigeru Ban Your power point presentation will...

  • ARCBS strategic plan paper prompt

    Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2014-10-14 18:39:38 UTC

    Context: Strategic management theory

    In your group of four, you are required to write a strategic plan for ARCBS. This piece of assessment is designed to assess your skills of critical review, analysis, consolidation and synthesis of knowledge. Your group will be required to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the relevant theory and application of that theory in a way that creates a document/plan that ARCBS can act upon. Your group is also to produce a one page (A3 size) ‘map’ that captures and summarises your findings Additionally, each member of the group is to individually write a 1,500 word reflective piece that outlines the personal skills, growth and develop...

  • Country analysis essay

    Published under category: Custom Writing | 2014-10-14 17:56:29 UTC

    Context: Politcs and economics

    Individually written country analysis sections, where N is the number of people in your group. Each writer analyzes one country through the lens of everything that’s been discussed up to this point in the report. For example, your group already stated what your client company should consider important when analyzing this region, so those decision criteria (from the introduction) would be a fine organizing structure for each writer’s company analysis Begin with a very brief snapshot of the country’s politics, geography and economy. Lean heavily towards present tense facts, as opposed to past tense trivia. For example, tell the reader it ...

  • An essay on Descartes' theory of God's existence

    Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2014-10-13 23:03:15 UTC

    Context: Philosophy, epistemology and metaphysics

    These assignment should contain Normal margins, new Times roman, 12 Point font, Double spaced Minimum 3 full pages worth of work. (not including work citation page) All sources requires full citation.Cite all Sources!. First: Analyze and evaluate Descartes’ two proofs of God's existence. How are they different? Is one more convincing than the other? And secondly: How does Descartes explain how we humans make mistakes (errors)? Do not just state that a perfect creator made imperfect humans. Descartes has several ideas on why we make mistakes and how we go wrong. Are Descartes' arguments convincing to you? Why or why not? please write a pape...

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