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  • An exam on hinduism

    Published under category: Custom Writing | 2015-05-28 02:50:31 UTC

    Context: Religious Studies

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    1. Create a single Thread (name it whatever you like) and tell us the following based on the readings and lectures (citations are welcome, and specificity is required):

    a) What was most difficult for you to understand about either Hinduism or Theravada Buddhism?

    The idea of Karma is very fascinating. It is interesting that there is a higher power that ensures everyone gets justice and fair treatment. However, understanding to what extent this concept is applicable has...

  • Analysis of Stephen Crane’s “the open boat”

    Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-28 02:46:13 UTC

    Context: Short Story analysis

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    Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat” can be analyzed from a myriad of perspectives and among these is that it represents a non-religious parable that depicts the importance of human beings depending on one another.  Indeed, Crane’s story fits this description when it explores the uncertainties and struggles of four men whose experience in the indifferent and immense sea forces them to solely depend on one another in order to survive the challeng...

  • Reflection paper

    Published under category: Sample Essays | 2015-05-28 02:40:49 UTC

    Context: Reflection and reactions

     It is interesting that an athlete would do anything to maintain performance at this high level no matter what or no matter the pain, they are undergoing in the process. Over conformity is the notion that has generally been accepted throughout the generations of sports. The reasons for over conformity have been placed in the minds of the players by their coaches and the fans that surround these players. A player would play with an injury and still perform to the expectations of their team. A player comes back from a serious injury to the level of performance he initially was play...

  • Research paper: European colonial exploitation

    Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2015-05-28 02:31:54 UTC

    Context: European foreign colonial policy

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    1. To encourage rubber collection, the African villagers were rewarded with cupfuls of coarse salt, cloth and beads. They were coerced by being cursed and given blows and others, who did not bring the required amount of rubber, or attempted to run away from the country, were shot by the white men.

    2. The Africans were forced to build houses for the soldiers and feed them, including all their men, wives and hanger-ons. Africans stationed near the posts were supposed to ...

  • An essay by international student: Chinese ethnic autobiography

    Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2015-05-28 02:26:26 UTC

    Context: Chinese studies

    As a Chinese living in America, I have witnessed various misconceptions about the Chinese people by the American people. One of the most held stereotypes is that people of Chinese origin often do better in education than other immigrants in the United States (Zhao, 54). This stereotype has been enforced due to the success rate of Chinese students in most universities in America. They also go ahead to be successful entrepreneurs, earning more than immigrants from other regions. While this stereotype is true for some Chinese, the commonly held belief that the Chinese are traditionally bright is a fallacy. Read more >>

  • Comparison essay: The Theme of Death in the Story of an Hour and She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Ways

    Published under category: Sample Essays | 2015-05-28 01:57:13 UTC

    Context: Short Story analysis

    The topic of death is commonly applied in the literature with a twist in the manner in which the story approaches the topic. Death is a tragedy that affects both the old and the young in ways that are unexplainable; therefore, an issue easily addressing the various issues in the social groupings of the nation. Considering the recurrence of the theme in many literature materials, modern literature presents the same theme with a different perspective that gives the reader a reason to continue reading the l...

  • Research paper: What does it mean to treat someone as an end?

    Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-21 00:45:10 UTC

    Context: Philosophy, ethics and epistemology

    Through the theory that has been propagated by Kant. He talks of a principal that made one to act in a particular manner. Through this process, they explain his reasons as to why humans behave in a certain way. His teachings are known to state that an action possesses a moral worth should it be acceptable to the rational people in society. In simply terms ‘put the use of someone as the end’ means avoiding exploitation of others and their kind heart and compassion in helping someone. Should one do something that is done in compassion then he is best categorized as having been immoral in his works and functions. An action should be selfless ...

  • Research paper on Consequentialism

    Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-21 00:32:36 UTC

    Context: Ethics

    Consequentialism is a branch of normative ethics that considers actions to be morally right or wrong depending on what the consequences of those actions are. Basically, an action is considered right under consequentialism if it maximizes the amount of goodness and morally wrong if it minimizes the amount of goodness in the world. Act utilitarianism is the most popular version of consequentialism because it embraces the principle of utility as the ultimate moral standard. The principle of utility states that an action is necessary or right when it contributes the most to the overall well being of an individual compared to any other acti...

  • An essay on music as a torture weapon

    Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2015-05-21 00:29:38 UTC

    Context: Music as a Weapon

    This is an example of a paper on music. Apart from assignments on hip hop, rock, classical music and others, which are studied as genres, there are research papers relating music to unusual applications. This is one of those essays. Music is a form of art that is intended to express emotions and ideas by employing several elements, which are harmony, rhythm and melody. This is intended to produce a pleasant feeling when listened to. However, this type of art has being misused in the past, being employed as a weapon of torture to prisoners of wars by the United States military. The has been sufficient evidence collected from such prisone...

  • Dances with Wolves: Film review

    Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2015-05-21 00:10:35 UTC

    Context: Movie Review

    Dance with wolves is an adventure film that was produced in the United States in November 1990. It was directed by Kevin Costner, and the screenplay was written by Michael Blake. The cast was made up of Kevin Costner, who takes the role of Lieutenant Dunbar and Mary McDonnell who stars as Stands with a fist. The lieutenant is exiled to a remote western civil war outpost. There alone with no one around, he befriends wolves and the Indians thus making him dishonorably discharged from being a soldier. Is the main character white or nonwhite? The main characters are white, and they are constantly in contact with Indians. The film shows th...

  • Jesus, the Great High Priest: Research paper

    Published under category: Custom Writing | 2015-05-21 00:02:23 UTC

    Context: Theology

    Theology papers will often examine the many significant personalities of the Christendom. Exegetical papers as well as essays on individual prophets and priests are required by theology instructors. Jesus, although not a prophet, but a savior in the Christian perspective, is discussed in this assignment.

    Dating back to the Hebrew community, the high priest had the role of presenting the sins of the Israelites to God. The cleansing process was to take place once a year when the sins of the entire community were to be forgiven their sins and made holy. However, the cleansing of an individuals’ sin was done on a daily basis...

  • Research paper: Driver safety, Texting Laws and the impact of collisions caused by texting

    Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2015-05-20 23:51:27 UTC

    Context: Road safety

    Custom writing services are experiencing an influx of texting while driving paper orders. If you are wondering, “Who will write my paper”, Ask for your paper from this assignment help service. Accidents caused by driver distraction due to use of cellular phones are on the rise. CDC’s National Youth Risk Behavior survey that was conducted between September 2012 and December 2013 revealed that technology-related health issues had gone up to surpass typical concerns like fighting, smoking and sexual activity (Lynch, 2014). The results indicated 41 percent of students that drove a vehicle during that period emailed or texted while driving...

  • An essay on John Stuart Mill

    Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2015-05-20 23:41:00 UTC

    Context: Philosophy, ethics and epistemology

    Online writing help for assignments on philosophers are some of the most written papers. Philosophers such as Emmanuel Kant, J.S. mill, David Hume, Hobbes, Descartes, Leibniz and many others are featured in research papers, thesis papers and dissertations. Below is an international student insight into J.S. Mill. The English philosopher and economist John Stuart Mill (1806-1873) was a renowned scholar, credited as the father of utilitarianism, a moral and legal theory that is hugely studied in various realms of knowledge; ethical, political, social, economic, and even in the medical field. The theory of utilitarianism holds that the mor...

  • Final paper: Final exam short answers

    Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-20 23:34:34 UTC

    Context: Natural Resources

    PART I 1. While some may think of forest and natural resources management as an endeavor with a narrow purpose, we have discovered in our readings, field trips and class discussions that forest and natural resource management activities vary widely and are largely driven by organizational mission and legislative authority. Identify and briefly discuss the primary mission or purpose of the following organizations. a. Washington State Department of Natural Resources b. Green Diamond Resource Company c. United States Forest Service d. National Park Service. e. Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust National Park Service is co...

  • A paper on Racial and ethnic Inequality

    Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2015-05-20 23:30:39 UTC

    Context: Race and ethnicity in the United States

    Online writing help services have completed papers on racial issues in the united states. You can have you custom essay on race and ethnicity written by this reliable online writing service. Introduction Racial and ethnic inequality has been in existence since the advent of the United States of America. The American people are viewed in terms of their physical characteristics, with the most dominant characteristic of discrimination being the color of skin. People of America are grouped into whites and people of color. The people of color consist of the Hispanics, Black Americans and other people of color. The people of color are seen a...

  • An essay on the the play Abdulbuj

    Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2015-05-19 21:09:09 UTC

    Context: Drama and Theatre

    In the production of the play Abdulbuj, the writer integrates the contemporary styles as part of the performance. It is an exciting experience to relate with the current issues in the social groupings. However, the play lacks a climax that makes an audience anticipate for the scene that follows. Additionally, the play also lacks suspense and originality of the producer in relation to the themes being addressed. The script, however, is a great masterpiece as the interpretation suits the play. The analysis of the script serves the public as it uses diction that is easily understandable, and the progression of the play is easy to follow. T...

  • An essay on Definition of love

    Published under category: Custom Writing | 2015-05-19 21:04:02 UTC

    Context: Love

    You can ask for an ENL or ESL paper on love from this custom writing service. Love constitutes one of the most powerful emotions in human beings. It gives people the will to keep on living regardless of their situation and state of health. Love transcends the material gains in the world (Seligman, n.p.). In the story Shrinking Man, Rickel recounts his relationship with his father who has been divorced by his mother, and is now ailing. Rickel strives to maintain a relationship with his father by visiting him on Sundays and spending time with him. Rickel’s father is much affected by the lost love between Rickel’s mother and him. His lonelin...

  • Book analysis: International Management Behavior: Global and sustainable leadership.

    Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-19 20:58:25 UTC

    Context: Book review and analysis

    In their book, Henry and Martha explore the roles mandated to people who act as managers and leaders in a global environment. They dwell on the typical situations that these managers experience, their predicaments, failures and successes as well as the actions and decisions they take and make respectively. The first chapter examines the aspects that set aside managers in a global environment from their counterparts in regular management. It establishes the concepts of a global mindset, model regarding global leadership competencies and leadership principles. This paper summarizes the first chapter of the book International Management Behav...

  • An essay on Freddie Mercury

    Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2015-05-19 20:46:44 UTC

    Context: Music: Rock

    Farrokkh Bulsara, the man who was later to become the celebrated rock legend, Freddie Mercury, was born on September 1946 in the island of Zanzibar, Africa. His parents were of Persian origin. The father was called Bomi Bulsara and worked as a civil servant in the British government stationed as a court cashier. His mother was called Jer Bulsara. Freddie had a sister who was born 6 years later (Jones 10). This paper is aimed at describing the life of this famous rock star from his early childhood through to his stardom days up until his death. While aged eight years, Freddie was enrolled in a boarding school in India called St Peters B...

  • A comparison paper on European Art of 19th Century: Realism and Impressionism

    Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2015-05-19 20:42:40 UTC

    Context: Art

    This is a custom written art paper analyzing various works of art by different artists. Essays on art such as sculptures by Michelangelo to painting by Leonardo da Vinci are written on this website. Order a art paper or an analysis essay of any painting from this custom writing service.
    Essay 1: Bonheur the Horse Fair and Millet The Sower versus Caillebotte Floor Scrappers and Degas The Interior In both comparisons of paintings, a sense of realism and impressionism can be observed although in the second comparison of paintings, the artists appear to be depicting a change or transition from realism to impressionism. In the first...

  • Research paper on Learned Helplessness

    Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2015-05-19 20:20:46 UTC

    Context: Psychology and Psychiatry

    The study process involved three members who were randomly selected. Of the three, they were chosen on the basis of their knowledge on the anagram method carried in the previous session. Therefore, those who had not participated in the past study were considered legible to take the survey. The three members were given a questionnaire to answer at different times and the results from the questionnaires used to analyze the anagram test that they took. Additionally, the members’ involvement in the study was made apparent to them beforehand that the process was not for any benefi...

  • Annotated bibliography on Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission

    Published under category: Sample Essays | 2015-05-19 13:36:40 UTC

    Context: Saudi Arabia

    Keller, Josh. "Colleges Large and Small Help International Students Adjust to American Life." Chronicle Of Higher Education 56.8 (2009): B20-B23. Academic Search Premier. Web. 5 June 2014. Keller's article discusses the increasing number of international students around the world in the universities and especially in the English program of the United States of America. In addition, officials have noticed the increasing number in the last couple of years in the Saudi students who are indeed increasing in a massive and incredible way. Keller has mentioned that we should focus more on the International students to make sure that what they ...

  • Short Essay Questions

    Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-19 12:25:19 UTC

    Context: Literature review of short stories

    1. First Question In William Faulkner’s “a rose for Emily,” Emily is described as a clingy individual who never has it easy letting go of the people she loves. This is well shown in the way she had a hard time accepting the death of her father and how refused, for three days, to have her father buried. She ignores calls from the doctor and ministers who are urging her to consent to her father’s burial but eventually breaks down just when the minister and the doctors begin contemplating to involve the authorities in the matter. Her breakdown reveals the difficulty that she had accepting that his father had indeed died. Emily also held ont...

  • Comparing real life experience with academic learning experience

    Published under category: Custom Writing | 2015-05-19 12:15:49 UTC

    Context: Education

    There is no end to education. It is not that one reads books passes examination, and he marks the end of training. This is a statement that was said by one of India’s philosophers. Life is a learning process, from the moment one is born to the time of death. A statement that clearly depicts the feeling that is very clear as far as learning is concerned. Learning is an activity that every human being is going to go through throughout his or her life. Many people are enrolled in schools to gain knowledge, however, others gain that knowledge through the life experiences that they encounter in their lives. Through either method, one ends up ed...

  • Response paper: Ming Shi-Lu about Zhe He

    Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2015-05-19 12:12:29 UTC

    Context: Chinese studies

    The Author Ming shi-lu is basically a collection of short government records that were authored by Ming officials who compiled information from records that illustrated the day to day happenings during the era when China was under the rule of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). The Ming government officials usually began collecting information and thereafter compiling the accounts of an emperor’s reign after the death of that emperor. The type of document Loosely translated, the Ming shi-lu implies “authentic records about the Ming.” The Ming shi-lu is the largest available source of information about the several emperors that ruled o...

  • An essay on catharsis theory of anger: Breuer and Freud

    Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2015-05-19 12:09:07 UTC

    Context: Psychology and Psychiatry

    Society has embraced the idea of worldwide values of venting anger. A trait that can be seen through the different aspects that are seen in the billboards, movies, and advertisements. Instances, where they are given the opportunity for the clients to redirect their anger to something else other than an individual. Catharsis theory is a popular method through which acknowledges that authoritative statements would bring about positive improvement in one’s psychological state. Those propagating this theory, Breuer and Freud, believed that anger should be released and not bolted up. In conducting this experiment on the effectiveness of this...

  • Sociological Theories Response: An essay

    Published under category: Sample Academic Papers | 2015-05-19 12:05:13 UTC

    Context: Sociology

    Sociological theories explain how particular facts are socially related. A number of sociological theories explain events of the social world and at other times are applied in the prediction purposes. Social structure theory deals with the varying patterns of criminal behavior, which exist in the social world. Additionally, it deals with social change and its impact on social behaviors. The distribution of wealth, power and prestige creates the social structure and the different categories. Groups in the society that are well placed in terms of title or money elevate themselves higher that other groups in the society. On the other hand,...

  • A comparison paper on Christian and Islamic views on food and drink

    Published under category: Sample Essays | 2015-05-19 12:01:45 UTC

    Context: Religious Studies

    An ESL custom written essay comparing Christian and Islamic views. Register and ask for “assignment writing help with my a paper”. How do you see the Roman context shaping these two religions' attitudes toward food and drink? An idea that what you eat shapes and tells about who you are, started off with the Greeks. For the Romans, what someone eats was very closely related to the social status that they held. They considered the spices and the food to tell of the social status of an individual. They believed in importation of vintage wine and exotic meat to say of a particular class of people and social bearing of the people. However, th...

  • Annotated bibliography for an international student

    Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-05-19 11:55:54 UTC

    Context: Writing annotated bibliographies

    Acker, Paul. "Horror and the Maternal in" Beowulf"." PMLA (2006): 702-716. Print. The author in this work analyzes the characters and their deeds as they transpire in the medieval poem. The author is an accredited professor of English, doubling up as an acclaimed author and editor of poetic literature. The author’s extensive analysis depicts the poet’s intentions, which are to portray monsters and their impact on the society. The monsters in the poem are created in a fictive society. They include Grendel, his mother and the dragon among others. I will use this source to show how the female characters in the poem, such as Grendel’s mother,...

  • Research paper on violence: Belsky, Freud, Dollard, Bandura, and Miller

    Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2015-05-19 11:50:55 UTC

    Context: Psychology of violence

    This is a comparison paper on views of several renowned psychologist, psychiatrists and philosophers on violence. Papers on violence are a regular assignment for psychology students. To have such a custom essay written, ask for writing help from this premium writing service. Belsky Working from a developmental ecological framework, Belsky proposed that violence occurs as a result of interactions between the contexts of maltreatment. Belsky’s model was actually formulated to explain child violence, although it can be generalized to other forms of family violence such as intimate partner violence. According to Belsky’s m...

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