A research essay on conservatism and liberalism

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Context: politico-economic landscape of the United States

Of the popular economic or socio-political theories, conservatism and liberalism are some of the most studied. There is quiet common for professors to issue topics such as conservatism and liberalism as essay prompts in colleges and universities. Some students will do their own papers while others will seek out online custom writing services to have their essays done on the internet. That said, liberalism and conservatism are common topics in which our writers have the right experience. Should you find it appropriate to buy a custom essay on any of the topics, it would be convenient for you to ask a professional writer to do your essay online. Here are some basic facts and highlights on conservatism and liberalism in the United States. You may be asked to compare the two theories in an essay by your professor. However, an instructor may also ask for critical thinking paper from a student. Conservatism and liberalism are two antagonistic ideals in the united states since it conception in the eighteenth century. The two concepts had radical opinions when the country was much less consolidated. Clashing by the parties supporting each political ideal often led to the civil war and the eventual consolidation of the United States as a federal nation. However, these two ideals are the archaic forms of American conservatism and liberalism. Today, there are forms of conservatism and liberalism ideals from the beginning of the twentieth century. There several notable figures supporting each political and economic concept, and some of their speeches were recorded. However, it is important to note that modern conservatism and liberalism are liberal economic and political concepts with different approach to formulation of solutions. The ideal of liberalism as understood in American social setting originates from the 1930 when American economy experienced a crippling depression that almost brought down many other economies. Its effects spread all over the world. This was the cause of the effort by politicians to revise their concepts of the ideal political and economic structures. Some critical analysis essays focusing on America will require that a student examines liberalism at its various stages of evolution. Generally, modern America liberalism supports the idea of a free economy with checks and balances to shield the people from extreme situations. For example, modern liberalism will support commercialization of health services and allow some people to access better services than others. However, modern liberalism with seek to shield the most inept individuals in the society from lack of basic health facilities. Therefore, liberalism was created in a bid to moderate the American economic from creating two extremely antagonistic economic and political classes. Liberalism took root as a major defining force in American politics in the era of president john Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. On the other hand, modern conservatism also emerged in the 1930s amid chaos in the American economy. The worker force in America was getting stronger and apparently threatened the fundamental nature of the American economy at the time. Employers, politicians, and academicians were wary of the effort to overturn the traditional liberalism that had defined the US economy and insured their success. They tried to moderate the archaic form of conservatism to suit the political mood of the time. Constant moderation and ceding of ground by proponents of each ideology has yielded the polar nature of American politics and lack of any specific radical position by either camp. While writing your own essay could be a viable idea. You can also order a custom essay on conservatism and liberalism here.ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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