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Finding a online writer for art course

Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2019-06-24 07:21:51 UTC

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Starling’s “Metamorphology”

Currently, the art industry is filled with contemporary artists that, in one way or another, reveal different stories. These stories are also told in a different medium. One of the artists that use contemporary medium is Simon Startling, a British artist, who recently had an exhibition at the Arts Club of Chicago.

The article written by Sandra Ban was about the exhibit of Simon Starling’s most recent exhibition, which is “Metamorphology.” The exhibition was composed of eleven artworks that reflected Starling’s use of an array of medium. The article stated that Starling’s the Bird in Space (2004), which is a steel plate, was part of the exhibit. The back story of the piece was also detailed in the exhibit. Moreover, the Autoxylopyrocycloboros (2006) was included in the exhibition. The piece is a four-minute film which focuses on the Scotland cruise of Starling.

In assessing the article, it can be construed that the online writer was very efficient as she was able to write an informative article within a limited word count. She opened by writing about the exhibit and utilized a hyperlink to direct the readers to another article that thoroughly discusses Starling’s life and exhibit. Personally, I think that this was a bad opening considering that the writer would want the readers to continue reading her work and not direct them to another source. Therefore, she could have placed a hyperlink at the bottom of the article. It must be noted that even without the hyperlink, she was still able to include a brief biography of Simon Startling, his “Metamorphology” exhibit, and highlight some pieces in the exhibition.

    Conclusively, the brief article was filled with significant information. Personally, there may have been some issues on the placement of information, but the article, in its entirety, was written efficiently.



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