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Journey of My Education: An essay

Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2019-06-09 02:56:06 UTC

Context: Education essay writing

 “Bye Mom and bye Dad. I love you!” Those were my last words to them. Many people have had varying experiences throughout their lives. Some have had amazing childhood experiences, and some may have had a love of their life that they feel must be shared with the world. I have done things that not everyone can say they have done, like going to other countries. I was born in Saudi Arabia, and I traveled to Preston in the United Kingdom. Moreover, I have had the courage to go to another country completely alone, leave my home life and everything that I knew and get used to completely new ways. At the same time, I left behind all of my family and my friends for a new type of life, a life that has led me to meet new types of people as well as experience a completely different way of schooling. The schooling in the United Kingdom was very unique, in that there was quite a bit of writing to be done, which I wasn’t initially used to. Furthermore, we had to do incredible amounts of homework that used to annoy me to no end. The education wasn’t all grounded in schoolwork and homework though. There was a significant amount of learning to be done on the streets, where I learned more about life and this beautiful planet than I ever would have inside a classroom. I believe that in the long run, my time in the UK was worth it because thanks to the education I received there, I became a better person.

When I arrived to Preston in 2009 I met different kinds of people. They were very kind to me and they didn’t treat me harshly. People there gave me the respect, and did not treat me like an outsider right away. I met my host family and they embraced me with lots of hugs and were excited to meet me. My new family was quite the opposite of what I had expected. Right away they treated me as one of their own children, and the kids treated me as though I was a biological sibling of theirs. I was so relieved. I was ecstatic when I realized how kind the people in this new surrounding were. If I needed help trying to find something, I wasn’t afraid of asking anyone for help because I could always easily find someone to help me.

After that, lots of new things happened to me. Simple things that were normal to most were new to me. Things as simple as stylish clothing baffled me. I was not used to the clothes people in Preston wore. For starters, it can be cold in Preston. Where I am from, it is always warm. Being in the United Kingdom was the first time I had ever worn a coat. My body went from shivering to relaxed and warm. My teeth eventually stopped chattering. I learned to love wearing new coats whenever it’s cold outside. This led me to new experiences. Before arriving in  Preston I had never seen snow before. I had heard of it, but I had never seen it before. Snow is something I dislike. It makes it hard to drive or even walk. It was quite difficult, to survive around the snow. One of the main reasons why I do not like snow very much is because I slipped numerous times in snow and ice and I got hurt, quite a bit. When I first saw snow though, it was amazing. It took my breath away, all I wanted to do was play in it, despite the cold. You can do so many things with snow like take it into your hands and make snowballs, which is fun to do. My host family showed me all kinds of things to do in the snow like snow angels and snow ball fights. Lastly, I learned about new types of food. The food in England is a lot like the foods in America. In both places it is much different than my own. For starters, there are fast food restaurants. There is no such thing in my country. We have restaurants, but they do not look anything like the ones here in the UK. The food tastes different as well. I like British food, but I would much rather have my mother’s food. The food in England is much more processed than in Saudi Arabia. Our food is more natural. There are no factories in Saudi Arabia that make food and ship it out to other cities. Everything is home grown and cooked locally.

The United Kingdom was a place of experience for me. I made a new family, met different kinds of people, and experienced a different type of food. I was also able to receive a newer, better type of somewhat odd schooling. The first time that I saw snow remains unforgotten. All of these experiences changed me, for the better. A lot of people can say that they have been to other countries, but what makes my experience unique is that it made me into the person I am today. And it would be unfair to accuse me of not having learned enough about mathematics or science. While I do care about these subjects, and all of my school assigned materials, I am very proud of my appreciation for the simpler things in life. One cannot survive on book smarts alone and my time in the UK truly prepared me for this notion. I am a more complete individual because I learned to live independently as well as in cooperation with others. After the time spent learning in the UK, I must say, I feel as if I have nothing more to fear. I feel that I must seek essay writing help in the UK.



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