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Greco-Roman Period | Get someone to write

Published under category: Sample Essays | 2019-06-08 12:18:20 UTC

Context: Where did writing originate?

The Greco-Roman period, which dates as far back as 900 BC when writing was introduced, provided the foundation for the study of geography and its use in war (Unwin, 1992, p. 46). The advent of geography was enabled by Greek philosophers and astronomers who encouraged their societies to think about the topographical features of their surroundings, the size of the earth, and origin of life in the planet (Unwin, 1992, p. 46). For instance, the Iliad and Odyssey, written by Homer in 900 BC, explain the exploits of Odysseus, giving vivid descriptions of the places he visited (Unwin, 1992, p. 47). As Greek civilization expanded, through the conquest and colonization of Mediterranean territories, more knowledge was gathered about the topographical features of the region (Unwin, 1992, p. 47). If to take an example, Anaximander and Hecataeus, both from Melitus, took advantage of the dominance of their state in the Mediterranean region to explore the subjugated lands in order to create some of the first maps of the known world (Unwin, 1992, p. 47). Such developments proved to be vital to the further expansion of Greek culture; for example Alexander the Great used the maps created by Anaximander and Hecataeus to plan and execute his invasion of the Persian Empire (Unwin, 1992, p. 47). The rise of the Roman Empire, during the Hellenistic Age, turned geography into a formal discipline that was mainly utilized for military purposes (Unwin, 1992, p. 50). For example, Roman generals utilized their knowledge of the surrounding features to ambush their enemies and plan marching routes for their armies (Unwin, 1992, p. 52). Therefore, geography benefitted from and influenced military campaigns from an early period.

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