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Custom paper on Classical Conditioning

Published under category: Ordering Custom Papers | 2015-06-26 23:04:09 UTC

Context: Psychology

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pavlovian dog

Classical conditioning refers to a repeated experience that an individual or an animal is exposed to and which affects their reaction to the same condition the next time. It is also a learning process where a naturally occurring stimulus of a subject of study interacts with the environment stimulus to instigate a behavior. The environment dictates the behavior, these being emotions, feelings, and thoughts of things in the surroundings. Therefore, the environment triggers an instantaneous response form an individual that relates back to a previous experience. Therefore, this paper looks at an example of classical conditioning at a personal experience.

When in high school, one of the classmates was a bully, named Jody. Often, he would steal the packed lunch, and when refused the opportunity to do so, it would end up in a fight. However, he usually wore distinctive cologne that helped realize his presence. Therefore, whenever the smell of the cologne reached us where we took our meal, it meant that Jody was around. Every time before taking meal, that was the first thing we noticed, until one day the smell of the cologne became disgustful. Later on, when transferred to a different institution, another colleague, Caleb, who was not a bully used to wear the same cologne. Since Jody’s experience was negative, the cologne became a barrier for making social ties with Caleb. Unconditioned Stimulus (US) in the situation is the bullying and forceful actions by the bully who sought to get things that did not belong to him. The Conditioned Stimulus (CS) is Jody, who is the bully in this instance.

A more familiar example of classical conditioning

A familair example of classical conditioning

The Unconditioned Response (UR) being is the anger in response to being bullied with no way to defend or stop the bullying. Lastly, the Conditioned Response (CR) is feeling upset with being bullied by Jody.



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