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Psychology essay on alternative health approaches

Published under category: Essay Writing Tips | 2015-06-14 12:33:05 UTC

Context: Psychology and Psychiatry

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Identify yourself as kapha, pitta, or vata using the self assessment web sites.

Through the assessment of the websites, the results indicated are kapha.

State the physical characteristics of your type.

kapha’s are normally characterized with a strong built stamina. Some other important characteristics would include soft eyes that are lazy; their skins are soft and their hair thick and tough. It is common that they have a tendency of having their meals on time and in a sequence that is regular, they are also known from deep sleep (Spector ). Other common characteristics would be the excess, weight gain, fluid retention, and allergies manifest in the body. They have a likely hood of becoming obese, which would be due to the excessive sleep they have been known to have. Other ailments that are associated with deep sleep are also common among them (Chopra Center).

State 3 things an Ayurvedic healer would prescribe for this type (you) to decrease the effects of stress.

AyurvedaThey could recommend breaking from the normal routine by exploring new sights, sounds, and experiences (Chopra Center). This is attributed to the fact that they cold, heavy, and dense. Another prescription would be the requirement to follow regular routine by avoiding sleeping during the day and regulate waking up and sleeping times. Finally, another prescription would be that they stay war and avoid dampness. It would be necessary that they also perform a dry massage on their body to stimulate circulation (Orrin ). 

 In the claims format, do the treatments they suggest reflect their Dosha? Why? Why not?

Yes, it reflects the Dosha. The physical characteristics of the Kapha would suggest that the treatment is in line with ensuring its treatment is effective.

Suggest one additional treatment they did not list.

It would be relevant that they do regular practices. Since they have a tendency of gaining weight and have large bodies they would have an easy time should they do regular practices. They are after all after ensuring that they have their weight under check.



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