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Art research paper on Natural Photography

Published under category: Sample Essays | 2015-06-12 13:52:14 UTC

Context: Art and Photography

Natural photography

Natural photography encompasses a wide range of photos that are taken outdoors. Natural photography aims at presenting the natural elements of physical features such as mountains, landscapes, plants and wildlife. It involves close-up shots of natural scenes that reveal different textures. Natural photography emphasizes the aesthetic nature of photos as opposed to other forms of photography.

Natural photography is in itself a science because a photographer is involved in taking pictures of things that already exist. This is opposed to other forms of photos that are generated from drawings and paintings. Drawings and paintings are forms of photos that arise out of an artist’s or painter’s mind and emotion. A natural photographer merely takes photos of natural elements that already exist. Nature photographs provide an objective access to reality that is free from mediation by human agency, philosophy or political ties. The photos taken in nature photography, therefore, give scientific results.

Shadows and light are critical in natural photography as they help in the revelation of particular elements. Natural photography is all about the manipulation of light. The beauty of natural photography arises of the duckling shadows. Shadows in natural photography are as alive as the light. From the shadows, a photographer can shape the light, draw attention and combine the light with the shadow for striking photographic opportunities. Expert nature photographers have to master the shadows just as they master the light. Shadows are used in natural photography to create contrast hence producing a dramatic effect. For example, in a picture displaying sunrise or sunset, a natural photographer will use a heavy shadow on the foreground, and use shadows in the background sparingly in order to increase the viewer’s focus on the sun and the sky. The shadows will also create a strong moodiness in the picture. The image also becomes more dynamic. The use of shadows and light in natural photography is, therefore, important as they help in focusing the viewer’s attention and directing the eye. Details of areas with fewer shadows will be more imposing than areas that have shadows.



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