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An essay on “A petition to the President of the United States”

Published under category: Academic Paper Writing | 2015-06-09 16:58:45 UTC

Context: History of The United States

This is one of the important documents in the history of the modern world, especially the Second World War era. There are research papers on the impact of the document on the course of the war and the use of the atomic bomb. You can have this assignment writing service do your paper on “A petition to the president of the United states”.

This is a letter that was written by Leo Szilard, a scientist, on July 3rd, 1945. The letter was aimed at persuading the President from allowing the US military from using atomic bombs in the war between the US and the Empire of Japan. Leo Szilard, in an attempt to persuade the President, claims that the then phase of war did not favor using atomic bombs to attack the Japanese cities.

A Petition to the President of the United States

A petition to the president of the United States

Szilard organized his letter in a logical way hence the intended message is brought out emphatically. The letter opens with a strong introduction that indicates the dangers posed to the American nation as a result of the discovery of the atomic bomb, and its subsequent placement into the hands of the American military. The author then explains that the atomic bombs were useful in case America was at the threat of being attacked by the same weapons, but the phase of war then, did not favor the US using atomic bombs on Japan (Szilard, n.p.). Szilard recommends alternatives that should be pursued and that America reexamines its position on the use of atomic bombs. Finally, Leo gives out reasons why it would be a bad idea for America to attack Japanese cities with atomic bombs.

The author manages to persuade the audience to buy his claim because of the emotional, ethical and factual appeal that he employs in the letter. He writes the letter out of his concern for the American nation and the general world population. The author appreciates that using atomic bombs would end the war faster though he feels that at present it is unjustified (Szilard, n.p.). Szilard recommends that Japan should first be given conditions, and in case they do not adhere to the condition, the viability of using atomic bombs should be reviewed. The author observes that atomic bombs result in ruthless annihilation of cities. America should not resort to ruthlessness as it has been condemned in previously in the war between Germany and England (Szilard, n.p.). Besides, atomic bombs are a means of destruction, and America should not bear the responsibility of setting the precedent of its use.

The conclusion of the letter is also effective since sums up the letter by restating its aim, which is to petition the president not to allow atomic bombs to be used in the present phase of war between Japan and the United States. The letter, due to its hooking introduction, clear claim, emotional appeal, logical appeal, factual appeal and a strong conclusion, has effectively conveyed its intended message.



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