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Use of iPad in the Learning Process of Children and Student’s with Autism essay

Published under category: Writing Ideas | 2015-06-03 22:47:08 UTC

Context: Autism

iPad and autism: Using technology to improve a child's life.

ipad and autism

Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder demonstrate a number of strengths and weaknesses that are directly related to their communication, social, creativity, and learning processes. However, technology has become an in-between device that not only helps make their lives stress-free, but also provides students with autism the same learning experience as the other students. Therefore, this paper focuses on how iPad is being used in support of the learning process for students with autism.

By embracing technology in the learning process, students with autism are given a chance to improve their communication, social skills, and positive behavior with their peers and the community. Since students with autism are good visual learners, iPad gives them a perfect tool of learning. As they use the AAC applications on the iPad, the student develops communication and social skills. These applications provide the students with a way to learn of the symbols and touch as ways of communicating with the environments.

On the other hand, iPad provides students with autism with the opportunity to improve engagement with people, make friends, and develop self-confidence and problem solving strategies. Using social strategies and video Self-modeling helps students to appreciate themselves, want, and develop the urge to belong to a group. Since the applications are a personal exposure and explanation, they help the student realize the cultural perspective and the role he or she can play in the same social group.  

The iPad has changed the lives of many people in different categories of life and work areas. However, in the education system, students with autism benefit from the various applications of iPads that help them improve their communication and societal skills. Therefore, the use of iPads should be emphasized in training institutions and in families to assist in understanding the needs of these children and providing necessary support for their growth.



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