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An essay: Changes in the Social, Political, and Cultural Scenes

Published under category: Writing Help Convenience | 2015-06-01 22:01:01 UTC

Context: History

Over time, the roles of heroes have shown a significant difference that is apparent in many ways. Considering the different periods and heroes in these periods, there are changes that are seen in the social, political, and cultural scenes. In the study of the differences that different timelines present, the lives of heroes provide a good example. While these periods shed a light on the unique histories linked to them, they also present a great link to study the social, political, and the cultural scenes. Therefore, this paper focuses on the lives of Beowulf, Aeneas, and Achilles to present the differences that can be used to ascertain these changes in the timelines.

The changes in the hero role in different times relate to the social, political, and cultural changes that have been constantly changing. The political scenes in the three different timelines presented by Beowulf, Aeneas, and Achilles present a similarities and differences in the roles that they all had. Beowulf¸ the strong leader saw it his duty to save his people from monsters. Despite the help that he seeks from his friends to cross the sea, he presents the heroism that his people were needed. On the other hand, Aeneas also leaves his town with the intent of providing his people with the safety that they would require from their leader. As a leader, he becomes the first to present a solution, and at the same time, becomes the first to take action in a bid to resolve the situation. Contrary, Achilles who was the Greek hero presents a different aspect of leadership. In the case of Beowulf and Aeneas, the heroic acts are of the benefit of people looking up to them, while in the case of Achilles, he is out to avenge his friend. Therefore, he is an independent hero and at the same time, a leader in his time.

Heroism in the different timelines is defined in different aspects. While Beowulf and Aeneas consider heroism as an act for the favor of the people, Achilles heroism is a self-act of an extraordinary approach. The social perspectives in the three different timelines portend that during the time of Achilles, the communal links were slowly disintegrating. While in the time of Beowulf and Aeneas, the leaders considered their acts a solution for the benefit of the society. Culture, however, is a consistently changing aspect in the different timelines. The three different heroes present a consistent change in cultural practices portending to developments. According to Lawall (25), Beowulf represents a medieval culture that develops slowly with the systems of leadership still in the early stages. Aeneas and Achilles, on the other hand, present an idealistic change in systems. In their fight for ideals that they believe, it is apparent that the times present a change in the cultural ties of the communities.

In conclusion, the different timelines present similarities and differences that relate to the lifestyles of the different heroes. While their actions present a similarity, political, social, and cultural, on the other hand, have been changing with the different timelines. However, the changes are less likely linked to the lives of these hero’s and still relates to their social, political, and cultural scenes. Therefore, these changes in the timelines reflect on the changes in the hero’s life, which denote the changing hero figure and perspectives in the contemporary life.



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