Dances with Wolves: Film review

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Context: Movie Review

Dance with wolves is an adventure film that was produced in the United States in November 1990. It was directed by Kevin Costner, and the screenplay was written by Michael Blake. The cast was made up of Kevin Costner, who takes the role of Lieutenant Dunbar and Mary McDonnell who stars as Stands with a fist. The lieutenant is exiled to a remote western civil war outpost. There alone with no one around, he befriends wolves and the Indians thus making him dishonorably discharged from being a soldier. Is the main character white or nonwhite? The main characters are white, and they are constantly in contact with Indians. The film shows the greed and the violence that existed between the whites and the Indians during the civil war. What role does the main character play? The main character is exposed to Indians, and he is acting as an intermediary with his people. He is given a feel of what the Indians go through in their daily lives and activities. Through him, we get to understand the other side’s story without any biases to tell and stories told about what was happening. The main character was out to show the difficulties that the Indians were undergoing in the hands of the whites. What does the main character look like? He is a masculine and a war man. He is introduced as he charges at firing men, and he is awarded a medal for his courage. He is clearly white through his physic and looks. To which racial/cultural/socioeconomic class does the main character belong? He is a full blooded American white man. He is placed in the elites and the socially stable class through the way he views issues and the interactions he has with the Indians. What clothes does the main character wear? We are introduced to him while he is fully dressed in the American soldier’s uniform. Part of the movie he is seen with the same dress code. At some point when he joins the Indian community he is introduced to the Native-American attire. What kinds of things does the main character say? He changes his way of thinking especially towards the Native-Americans. As he changes his way of dressing and adopts the way of the Native Americans so does his sayings. What do others think of the main character? The others are looking at him as a betrayer: a man with no loyalty to his race and society. To them Native-Americans will always be savages but through the main characters eyes they are human with challenges and a unit that is sociable and can coexist. What does he/she think of himself/herself? He thinks of his characters as being sophisticated and classy. He is clever since he can find an amicable solution to the greed that his brothers and race has on the lands of the Native-Americans. So in the name of the Indians being savages they kill and mutilate them. What do you think of the main character? He is courageous and clever. He stands out as being sophisticated and intelligent. To him war and violence have never been the only way of communicating. He concurs his stereotype thing of the Indians and even loves their way of thinking and living eventually marrying an Indian woman in the process. He is smart and sophisticated. Are any of the characters in the movie nonwhite? What kinds of roles do they play? The movie has some Native-Americans in it. They are out to show the lifestyle that the Native-Americans suffered and went through in the hands of the whites. This brings out the conflict that exists between the whites and the Native-Americans. Are stereotypes used in the movie? If yes, describe. Yes, it has been used. The film presents the main character as having the stereotype about the American-Indians. He is fearful of them and only knows that they are violent in everything that they do. He is, however, surprised when he finds out they too can show mercy and believe in family and coexistence. Do you think that any groups are misrepresented? Explain. The Indians are not only violent and crude in their ways. They have a firm belief in culture and morality and also family. They are not only violent as they are made to appear through the eyes of the white man. They are not only violent they can show kindness and compassion. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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