An essay on catharsis theory of anger: Breuer and Freud

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Context: Psychology and Psychiatry

Society has embraced the idea of worldwide values of venting anger. A trait that can be seen through the different aspects that are seen in the billboards, movies, and advertisements. Instances, where they are given the opportunity for the clients to redirect their anger to something else other than an individual. Catharsis theory is a popular method through which acknowledges that authoritative statements would bring about positive improvement in one’s psychological state. Those propagating this theory, Breuer and Freud, believed that anger should be released and not bolted up. In conducting this experiment on the effectiveness of this process, the researcher took the first participants to receive insulting remark from an associate. They were given nails to pound for ten minutes. Another half did not receive nails to pound. In the end, those who were given nails were less hostile towards the associated unlike those who were not given the exercise. It goes to show that should one bolt the anger he feels about an issue makes someone bust badly upon getting chance and those in the surrounding end up in trouble. The article was very informative about the issues concerning anger and how best to manage the anger issues. It is interesting that people tend to take their frustration on the next best thing if they do not find a way out of the frustrations. The human psychology is put in a position that should the frustration accumulate they tend to blow off. However, it is quite confusing that they only offer violent ways of solving issues concerning the frustration. Is it fair to say that humans have a violent tendency to work out their frustrations and nothing more? Not all humans are violent in all that they do so violence should not only be the way out of working out issues. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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