An essay on why is the cross a central part of the believer’s life?

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Context: Theology

Students studying theology or undergoing Christian education can have their exegesis papers done on a reliable writing service like this website. Papers on Christian subjects such as research papers on the crucifixion or essays on the Pentecost day are written here often. Ask for writing help with your significance of the cross to Christians paper. Below is a custom written research paper for an international student o the significance of the cross to Christians. The cross has been a fundamental factor in the lives of believers. It is a symbol of so many factors in the Christian culture. It stood as a reminder of the salvation that they got from the death of Jesus. In the book of Mark 15: 21 we are introduced to Simon a Cyrenian, who helped Jesus carry his cross. How significant would be the events that would follow in the lives of Christians to come? The answers to this questions lie as one continues to read down the verse to Mark15:40. Christians have always looked at the cross as a way in which they can be given a way out of their sins. Two men were crucified with Jesus one on the right and the other on the left. It is written in Mark 15:28 that through this the scripture was fulfilled. To Christians the fulfilment of the scripture would only mean that the salvation that they were promised would be attained through Jesus Christ. However, with this in mind the choice to attain this salvation through the cross would be a matter of choice. The two thieves would stand for human beings. They both were given the same treatment the greatest shame and one of them realized he had come to the end of the road and required divine salvation but the other one did not. He asked Jesus to save himself he truly was the son of God. The same tune those who crucified him were singing. The other thief asked for salvation instead, and he got his wish granted. Christians look at the cross as a way out of sin, salvation that is not forced to someone, but it is given if one chooses to take a gift. What might be considered a cross for Christians today? The Romans had no tolerance for people who were considered a nuisance. In the definition, a nuisance would be someone who had a strong conviction to an absolute belief that was not in any way related to the government and the rule of the Romans. Paul was arrested for violation of this rules and his faith in Christianity. He, however, wrote letters to the various churches to explain his position and to encourage them. The letter to the Philippians is not any different. However, unlike most of his writing he writes about the sufferings that the chosen Christians would have to undergo in attainment of salvation. In Philippians 1:27 he states that as Christians they need to let their way of life be worthy of the Good news. He is in some way trying to expound on the issue of the cross Christians have these days. The way of life of a Christian would be the first factor to consider. In Philippians chapter two, the conditions are expounded on how Christians need to conduct themselves. It gives insight into the life that would be considered as worthy of the Good news. The Christians of this period are faced with the problems of ever having unity or having the gift to understand the way they are supposed to conduct themselves. They are faced with the reality that life to them is the strongest survive and thus they never abide by this rules and directives given by Paul. In Mark 15:21 the bible records the crucifixion of Jesus that is considered fundamental in the lives of Christians. Paul also puts his life in harm’s way because of his faith. In the chapter, four of Philippians he tells the church to look at his conduct and God will be with them. He is not in any way alluding that he is comparable to Jesus but that his conducts would help them realize the salvation of God. Christians have their lives and conducts compared to the cross that they carry. How might Jesus’ statements be incorporated into your future medical profession? It is not me, but through the father that you are healed. The medical profession is not only meant for healing the body but the soul and the mind in the process. The mind is made in such a way in which that upon experiencing a traumatized situation the body shuts down and fails. Nurses are given the chance to be better at healing the psychological trauma that they might have experienced. The psychological healing would be done through the patients believes. His belief in the existence of a supernatural being makes him have a better disposition of what is happening. He better understands that the fact that the existence of Jesus Christ and his death on the cross makes his life fall within his power. The physical healing would be done with the administration of the drugs to help heal them. The mental health after that would fall squarely in the hands of the nurses who are told to help the patients recover from the pain they had experienced. Through Jesus salvation is attained, and healing is also given to those who believe in his existence. References The English Standard Version Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments with Apocrypha. Oxford: Oxford UP, 2009. Print Ivanov Vsevolodovich Viacheslav. Russian Orthodox Church Of Alaska And The Aleutian Islands And Its Relation To Native American Traditions. Diane Publishing, 1998. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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