Cyber dating: Love and Empire: Cyber marriage and Citizenship across the Americas

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Context: Online Dating

This is a paper on one of the many topics about the internet. Research papers and custom essays on the internet are common as the web becomes an important factor in militaries and economies. Request for a paper on cyber, citizenship or web in general from this custom writing service. For a long time now the idea of cyber dating has been of great concern worldwide. Questions of its legitimacy have risen over years and with success stories that are too good to be true being floated in the internet the business keeps flourishing. The dating agencies have realized this niche in the market and have flocked the market with advertisements that would present a Latin woman in her full figured body that is presenting her as being very attractive. Stories have also been raised about the fraud stunts that people have met. The business keeps flourishing and in the process attracts frauds that leave men broke and poor. However, the lure of getting a foreign woman has always been stronger in the American men, which then begs the question. What is the attraction that keeps this men glued to such practices after even being tricked? What is the take on the women who are more than willing to get an American husband? These questions are answered throughout the paper. Advertisements that advertise Latin women as being beautiful and attractive have made the Mexicans more attractive and the country famous. It presents the notion that it is only in Latin-America that one can find a woman who is tolerant, understanding, faithful, and true to the word marriage forever. Such notions, make Mexico be famous and attractive. However, Colombia is slowly picking up pace and is making airwaves in terms of the women and the beauty in the country. The country is encouraging the use of cosmetic surgery to attain that superficial beauty in cover magazines. A factor that has made the country more popular because of the beauty that the country’s women are known for. The women in the country are more than ready to consent to the medically induced beauty with the intent of looking like the cover girls in the magazine than to retain that original beauty. Recently it is noted that the country is in the promotion of its tourism using the catch phrase “Colombia Is Passion". The intent was to make it catchy and attractive to the world by selling Shakira’s hips around the world. That is to say the country has reinvented the term beauty and is selling beauty as a product making it very accessible. The women are presented as tolerant in the sense that they are very accommodating and loving. The companies also make them appear to have a warm personality, and have family loyalty. The agency is quick to state categorically that the Latin women are only one in the world who are more tolerant, understanding, faithful, and true to the idea of marriage. Finally the attractions they are given on cover magazines are full long figured bodies to attract men. Mexican women are loyal and culture in every aspect. They are seasoned in issues to deal with religion especially Christianity and they are hard working. To them the idea of marriage has been instilled in them from a tender age, and they have firmly upheld these beliefs. They engage in these activities because of their upbringing and their close association to a community that does same things. Women turn to the US men with the hope of getting a modern and equitable marriage than those they are accustomed to back home. The lure of the American dream is another factor that is considered in this scenario. For the achievements or attainment of a perfect life that would be better than the lives that are not appreciative back home. The men, on the other hand, are looking for a quiet long lasting relationship that does not have eventualities of ever ending. They are looking for relationships that would be considered strong on family values. They are looking for a beautiful woman who would be loyal, loving and ready to build a family that is considered stable. To them all this traits are found only in foreign women and not from the local women at home. The women are described as beautiful, with accordance to the cover picture that they are presented in magazines. They are described as beautiful, loyal and family cultured women. They come out as being submissive and tolerant to the lifestyle they will be offered. With men in marriages or looking to find the right kind of women, chat rooms are offered. The chat rooms are offered as positions through which they can talk and meet other men who have the same interests in finding that appealing woman. It is meant to serve as the first date people attend. The participants end up getting to know each other well. Cyber dating has made things drastically to change. Men, now concentrate on superficial beauty, find women who are about to get all hands in any work she does especially at home. Finally, it has strengthened the values considered as family values since these are the things that foreign women offer. Cyber dating has its advantages and disadvantages. It is however, clear that the reasons behind either party getting involved in the business of looking for a mate. The American men are after a perfect marriage the foreign women on the other hand want a different scenario to what they are used to. All in all cyber dating has eventualities of either providing the things both parties crave for or tricking them into relations that are a loss. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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