An international student paper on Henslin’s Three Components of Social Class

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Context: Socio Political Ideologies

Social classes and general socio political ideologies are widely studied in universities and colleges. This makes it necessary for student to write essays and research papers on social and political ideologies such as communist and capitalism. It is at this point that classes such as bourgeoisie and proletariat become an important to writing custom research papers. As evidenced I the twentieth century, social classes and socio political ideologies are important and therefore worth studying in school. If you have a paper on social classes and you need writing help, this custom writing service is here to attend to all your problems. Continue reading the ESL writing on social classes. According to James Henslin, social class is made up of three main components namely wealth, power and prestige. The wealth of an individual is made up of the property owned by the individual and the income received by the individual. The inequalities that exist in the amount of property owned and income earned by individuals play an important role in defining the social classes in which individuals belong. Power defines a social class because it is usually exercised by an elite group of individuals who share values and ideologies. Prestige, which is the respect accorded to accomplishments and occupations by individuals, is also influenced by one’s social class. Class inequality results in a number of consequences such as the differences in life expectancy, mental health statuses, family life, education levels, religious orientations, political views, and criminal activities. Studies have shown that individuals who belong to a lower social class have a higher chance of dying at a younger age and suffering from bad mental health compared to those of a higher social class. Class inequality also affects the state of families in the sense that the marriages of individuals of lower social classes have a higher chance of failing compared to those of higher social class individuals and also, the influence that parents have on their children and the way children are raised highly depend on their social class in which they belong. The level of education received tends to be dependent on social classes as individuals from higher social class tend to be more educated. Social inequality also results in different political views and levels of involvement in politics. In relation to crime, the way the society deals with crime differs depending on the social class that the suspect belongs to. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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