A research paper on society and technology

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Context: Media, Technology and society

1. Quote part of Example 1 and paraphrase the rest. Mention the author’s name in an ID tag like “According to …” at the beginning of the sentence. Robert Hughes presents an argument about the impacts of TV to the lives of the Americans and their everyday relation with TV. Questions like what is worth being aired have been raised concerning different stations and the aftermath of their involvement and effect in certain areas. He claims that the warning about the effect of TV was issued long two thousand years before its invention by a Roman poet. “I see better things and approve them: I go for the worse." Television broadcast has been in two faces the introduction of commercial television that was later followed by the noncommercial television (Hughes). 2. Quote part of Example 2 and paraphrase the rest. Do not mention the author’s name in the introductory part of the sentence. Include a parenthetical citation. With the explosion of technology and the internet, so many developments have been established. Initial, people would arrange blind dates through the internet. Technology has made some relationships exist. However, for as long as it could be remembered children have been warned about sharing some of their private information over the internet. It gives a chance to stalkers to have access to your personal information. It also makes you vulnerable especially when looking for work through employers who dig into your Facebook or Myspace account to have more information about you. The fact that social media is meant to be private then it should not be used to judge people. “The time has come for a line to be drawn in the war for internet privacy.” (Hall) He is very vocal about the maintain of privacy as far as internet and social media is concern so that people avoid getting crucified for mistakes they might have done while they were in college and young (Hall). 3. Summarize the passage provided in Example 2 in a single sentence. Include an ID tag at the beginning of the sentence naming the author. According to David Hall, there is bound to be a limit to the use of information from the privacy of someone’s internet usage or information that is postage in the social media such as Facebook or Myspace about a person’s personal details (Hall). 4. Summarize the passage provided in Example 3. Mention the author’s name in the introductory part of the sentence (or the lead-in). (TIP: note that the word “try” is key in this passage. Why is it repeated throughout?) Peter Elbow was keen in offering a way in which writers would adopt in production of a masterpiece. He states that it is at times very hard to keep the artistic nature or procedure that he is offering as a way in which to write. Instead, he wants his students to try and attain this level of standards in writing (Elbow). References Hall ,David. "Legal online behavior on basis for work discrimination ." 29 August 2007. tcu360. 3 June 2014 . Elbow Peter. Writing with Poer: Techniques for Mastering the Writing Process. Oxford University Press, 1981. Hughes Robert. "Why watch It, Anyway?" 16 February 1995. nybooks. 3 June 2014 . ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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