Critical Review on Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

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Context: Television and film

.... .... ..... .... ... The childhood years of Percy are in support of his mother and stepfather who despise him. Nevertheless, as he grows into a teenager, he realizes the powers that he has and considers it a gift. On the other hand, when he came to identify with the uniqueness of his abilities it becomes apparent to him that he is the son of Poseidon. Having the same powers as Luke (Jake Abel) and Annabeth (Alexandria Daddario) who are gifted in different skills, Percy seeks to protect his mother, clear his name as the lightning thief, and understand about his life as a demi-god. The film is a modern expression of the history in the past generations, in a different perspective that is easily understandable. However, the film also addresses a number of themes that are brought to light. The film focuses on the modern society and the challenges that the family unions have on the development of children into the teenage and adult ages (New York Times 1). The experience of children determines their identity as a social figure for a given household. Despite the science fiction narration of the film, the originality is maintained to maintain the focus of the viewers. History is less appealing to a number of teens in the present generation; as a result, Chris Columbus has integrated a different approach in maintaining the effect of history in the minds of the teens by adding an adventure story. As the public is interested in following the adventure story in the film, bits of the Greek history are revealed and with a captivating story behind it, it is easy to follow the history and the adventure story. On the other hand, the production and setting of the film bring into reality the fiction world and the reality world to achieve the story of the supernatural world. However, the film fails to incorporate the lives of the ordinary beings, at the time, with less emphasis on their role in the story. According to Rocchi (4), the setting of the film was to bring the fiction world of demi-gods who are able to live amongst humans without being discovered. Despite the cautious acts that they put to protect their identities, the events take place in the world that normal human beings exist. The lives of the teens before they are sent to the ‘Camp Half-Blood’ revolves around the normal activities that a human's experience, which still might have formed part of the consequent scenes in the development of the film. New York Times (3) asserts that the film on one view encourages discrimination against the black population. Percy had a friend named Grover, who turns out to be the protector of Percy, in the film he is given the role of ensuring that Percy is safe from danger; consequently, in different scenes, Grover is given the roles of being the person to face danger for Percy to gain safety. On a different view that each viewer sees the movie and analyses the themes, discrimination is not considered dominant with the interchangeable roles that Grover is given to accomplish. The adventure of the film also lacks originality considering the journey that Percy, Grover and Annabeth lacks the originality of the movie with scenes of the challenges that they faced the trip to identify the lightning thief and save Percy’s mother. The story, which revolves around the Greek gods, fails to present the relationship that the present generation might draw from the interbreeding of the gods and man. In the same aspect, the relationship between man and gods, which results in the birth of supernatural human beings only emphasizes the fictional world that lacks a literal approach to individuals. A great part of the film appraises the effects of the CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) effects that are repeatedly used in the film. The excessive application of CGI affects the originality of the story to the viewers. In conclusion, detailed approach in the review of the film presents many other themes that are not identifiable, but together constitute the theme of the film. Percy Jackson and the lightning thief, a fictional and adventure film seeks to create a fantasy world that is dictated and run by supernatural beings and monsters. Using the Greek history as the basis of the production, the film presents an interactive approach in learning about the Greek history from the film. The film focuses on the different aspects in the modern world such as family relations and ties to illustrate the erosion of cultures in a unique way. Additionally, the film concentrates on the early childhood and teen years that are characterized by fiction and fantasy. The director of the film successfully incorporated the fantasy world and the reality with the use of CGI effects. References New York Times. n.d. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010). 1 st June 2014 . Web Rocchi, James. "Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief." n.d. Msn Entertainment. 1 June 2014 . Web



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