The sound of music: Film analysis

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Context: Film and movie analysis

It is common knowledge that watching a movie has always been for entertainment for so many people. However, the fact that most people do not pay attention to how the narratives are presented does not mean it is not beneficial. With such expertise of taking note of the features in the film, makes the film more enjoyable than it would have been otherwise. The act of film analysis would involve watching the film repeatedly and then discussion of the experiences and the features that were noticeable in the movie. The sound of music is classified as a drama, and a family movie that was released in the United Kingdom in 1965. It tells the story of a nun being chased from an Austrian convent to become a tutor to children of a widower. The movie is best enjoyed through the music and the flow of the story. The paper looks at the shots, the sounds, the angles, and mise en scene in the movie. Looking at the film one can see so many types of shots that the directors used. The film begins with the crane shot as the camera tries to achieve the point of view shot on Maria as she is on the fields singing. The film has different shots that are also noted throughout the film. Tracking shot would be noted mostly when the children and Maria are singing. The very first time they are introduced to Maria it is also noted that this kind of shot is also noted. The point of view shot is also noted when the children crowd in Maria’s room because they fear lightning. Handheld shot is common throughout the film. The movie is full of such shots with Maria dancing with Captain Von Trapp in the garden. Instances when Maria is being reprimanded by Mother Abbess. The crane shot is again noted when the movie is ending as the family is climbing a mountain after successfully running from the officer who were hunting for them. As the name suggests, the movie be full of songs that are part of the plot of the movie. The movie would be considered entertaining with the music and the story that is noted in the movie. The music in the film would vary from the use of bluesy, classical, harmonious, and harmonic. Of note is the perfect amalgam that is seen between the voice of Maria, her story and the lyrics. The angle shot of the film is closely related to the shots that the movie adopts. The cinematographer has established the crane angle and the deep focus of the movie that is noted in so of the parts of the movie. The film is interestingly covered with so many different shots that are taken from different angles to achieve this targeted angle. Mise-en-scene is another feature that is noted in the film. There exists an artful combination that exists between the natural sights such as rivers, mountains, flowers and the buildings in Austria with the characters and the music in the movie. The sound of music is a classical movie that has been appreciated over the decade and the features that have been used in the film would be enlightening especially while studying film and theater. The movie is very enjoyable and covers one of Germans worst and historical moments. Questions have always been raised about the originality of the movie, but the fact remains that the movie is very entertaining and educative. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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