Research Paper on the Use of Dogs by the US Armed Forces

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Context: US Military

On every Memorial Day, Americans honor their soldiers who have lost their lives while protecting the American homeland and freedoms and every now and then, Americans are urged to remember the sacrifices that American soldiers continue to give for this country. Even though the importance of recognizing and celebrating soldiers who have sacrificed and continue to sacrifice a lot for the benefit of this great country can never be understated, it is also important to recognize the sacrifices made by the other battlefield heroes that are often forgotten in these celebrations; the military working dogs. The enacting of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2013 may have guaranteed that these dogs would be treated well after their service in the military but it left out an important part that would have seen the dogs get recognized as service members instead of being referred to as mere military equipments. Referring to these dogs as military equipments is like comparing them to a computer, metal detector, or any other military equipment which once used, is disposed without much thought. This is classification is wrong because just as the servicemen, these dogs also have emotions and even suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Moreover, these dogs are, just like the servicemen, put through rigorous training before they are ready for the battlefield and during battles, they also get hurt and even killed. It therefore follows that by classifying these dogs as equipment, the military is simply ignoring the fact that these dogs are living creatures that sometimes sacrifice their lives in order to save those of their handlers and other servicemen. Additionally, classifying these dogs in the same category as equipment is shameful because it sends the message that just like other equipments, one a dog is incapacitated or retired due to one reason or the other, it should be disposed and forgotten about. One may question why these dogs should be given this recognition instead of a simple medal and a good life after their service in the military. A military working dog is neither able to understand the importance of being referred to as a service member nor are they able to appreciate the importance of this recognition but the servicemen who served with them in the battlefield will. In order to motivate a serviceman to continue giving his unquantifiable service to this nation, it is important to show him that both his sacrifices and commitments, and indeed those of his two and four legged colleagues are appreciated and recognized by the nation. When the military working dogs and their handles are deployed, they spend a lot of time together and consequently even develop a close bond between them that can sometimes be closer than the relationship that the handler has with a fellow serviceman. When the solders have to part after a mission, the emotional bond that the handler has with the dog can easily bring him to tears. This, however, is unlikely to happen when the serviceman returns his gun, armor or any other military equipment. Even though these dogs cannot be compared to human beings, they are certainly of more value to the servicemen than a helicopter, a rifle or any other military equipment. Even though the National Defense Authorization Act guarantees that the military working dogs will not be entirely forgotten after their days in active service, more still needs to be done in relation of recognizing the sacrifices that these dogs make. This essay has explored some of these sacrifices and stated the close relationship that these dogs form with their handlers while on active duty. It is therefore only fair than when recognizing the sacrifices of our human heroes in battle, we also do not forget to recognize the efforts of the military working dogs. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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