Technology through the Ages: An essay

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Context: Technology and engineering

Thomas Edison is a well renowned inventor. He has been acclaimed for the ingenious innovation of electricity. He is referred to in some quarters as the father of light. The invention of electricity might be considered as the greatest invention of all times. Questions have been raised as to how important this was to the whole world. The value of electricity has always evolved and changed with the trends that have risen in the market. A factor that would make Edison’s invention eternal and only evolving to best suit the conditions that are currently in the business. The paper looks at electricity in light of its value socially and economically. Health reforms and technological advancements that have been witnessed in the last century have always been out to give people a chance to better the living stands in the society. Electricity, which initially was meant for lighting, has evolved to powering factories, trains, vehicles and even generating heat during the winter. The social life of an individual in the community has changed significantly. On the lower scale, electricity is used for pumping water, lighting, and refrigerating food and medicine. An analysis was conducted to investigate the correlation between human development index and electricity consumption per capita. The results showed that countries with an already high human development index would respond with a low percentage that ranges between zero to one percent as compared to developing countries. The research took sample countries to establish this relationship. Zimbabwe has the second lowest life expectancy at birth and life expectancy index in the world. However, after monitoring the countries increased electricity consumption life expectancy was recorded to be rising all the years steadily until the introduction of other social factors that affected the country health standings and social operation. Through the study, it can be concluded that consumption of electricity in some way affects the social lives of individuals in the country. Different factories now full depend on electricity for operation where it is hydro electrical, geothermal, or nuclear power generated it is out to ensure that the industrial sector of the country is maintained. Electricity also affects the way in which information flows. It is truly amazing that electricity has improved and expanded the business options of the world business. It can be argued that consumption of electricity has some effect in the economy a certain community or country. A study was conducted to detect a relationship between the Gross Domestic Product of a country per capita and the consumption of electricity per capita. The results indicated that 95% variation noted would be related to the variations in the electricity consumption per capita. Through the research, it can be established that the economic development and electricity would go hand in hand. The innovation by Thomas Edison was a true miracle to the whole world. It would only be compared to a man discovering and using fire. Electricity is the driving force of the economy of the country. It controls the industrial sector in the country and at the same time it controls the social factors that affect the economy. Over the years, it has been witnessed as it continues to evolve with the trends of the market. All in an effort to ensure that it delivers on its intended purpose. Electricity is part of the community in every way. References CEEG. "Electricity in economic growth." National Academy press (2001): 1-185. Leung Seng Chi. "How electricity consumption affects social and economic development by comparing low, medium and high human development countries." (2005): 1-12. Lorde Troy, Waithe Kimberly; Francis Brian. "The importance of electrical energy for economic growth in Barbados ." Energy Economics (2010): 1-10. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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