A research essay on psychological health

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Context: Psychology

Psychology custom written research papers can be found online on reliable writing websites. You can find help with your custom psychology paper on legitimate assignment writing websites like this one. To have your research paper, thesis or dissertation written, order here in this website. Below is some research on psychological health. Psychological health refers to the normal state of human functioning, a condition in which a person functions well in one’s environment with minimum of personal distress. The four components of psychological health include social, behavioral, cognitive, and the spiritual. Social psychology informs one’s understanding of the links between social support and psychological health as well as social support interventions. Cognition component is important because its key to information processes required for the central representation and organization of expressions of responses in psychological health. Spirituality permeates one’s thinking about psychological health. In most cases, the spiritual component is viewed from the therapeutic dimension of psychological health. The social, cognitive, and spiritual components involve thought processes, and thus are found in the psychological health dimension. The relationship between spirituality and mental health has been a subject of intense interest. One can enhance the quality of psychological wellbeing primarily by improving other dimensions of health. Exercising regularly can boost one’s mood. Getting enough sleep, eating a nutritious diet, and maintaining a healthy weight for one’s height also enhances psychological health by improving physical health. In addition to taking good care of one’s physical needs, fostering positive social contacts, whether with family, colleagues, or friends is very important. For example, one needs to communicate well with other people on a regular basis. Factors that define a psychologically health person relate to three main areas: inherited characteristics, nurturing during childhood, and life circumstances. The ability to maintain a psychologically healthy and positive outlook on life is in part connected to a person’s genetic make-up, just as inherited defective genes are thought to predispose particular people to illness such as schizophrenia and depression. Nurturing during childhood relates primarily to the relationships that develop between children, their parents, and their siblings. Positive relationships, such as those that promote feelings of being loved, security, and being accepted, facilitate or define a psychologically health person. Life experiences can also influence psychological health from birth onwards. Positive life experiences including pleasurable times and success at school and with friends, a good job, financial security and a good physical health define one’s psychological wellbeing. In contrast, a psychologically unhealthy person is often a victim of mental deficiency. In many instances, the intellectual balance is quite disturbed. Emotional instability and inconsistency is more or less a common trait in most psychologically unhealthy people. In other cases, they are unsocial and antisocial. Proper nutrition lifestyle enhances psychological health. Obviously, to maintain proper functioning of the body and mind, people need to consume the necessary amounts of food. Doing exercise is one of the lifestyle choices to enhance psychological health especially when sustained and aerobic. Regular exercise improves mood and makes people resistant to the effects of stressors. Vigorous exercise increases the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain, which undoubtedly improves cognitive functioning, and sustained exercise may alter mood inducing neurotransmitters in the brain. Virtually everyone knows that smoking or oral ingestion of tobacco is bad for one’s health. Many people who smoke regularly become dependent on their daily dosage, and when they try to quit, they suffer physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Further, poor dietary habits can lead to significant long-term health problems. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes avoiding risky behaviors and preventing disease. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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