Research paper on cancer prevalence in the modern world

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Context: Health: Cancer research

Cancer is one of the most studied diseases of the modern world and many research papers on different types of cancer have been written on custom paper writing websites. The following is an analysis custom paper of the state of cancer research and prevalence. In few decades ago, cancer was a rare disease that not only people did not worry about, but very few actually knew about it, though now, it has become a condition of everyday life. In the US for example, many people flock doctors’ offices to have frank and frightening discussions about what their cancer diagnosis means them and their loved ones, desperately trying to sort through difficult treatment choices. However, this dismal scenario is rapidly transforming into a far more optimistic one as people choose to practice powerful strategies that can even alter its course once it has been diagnosed or simply prevent it. These powerful strategies encompass awareness, nutrition, and various activities that have been designed by physicians and other scholars. According to Robbins and Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine studies, food helps to prevent cancer. In implication then, since food could help prevent cancer, there is need for awareness on how it can be used to avert the disease. As institutions of learning and major entities of creating awareness, schools can be tasked to provide information and knowledge regarding nutrition content that, if espoused, could prevent cancer. In schools, people from a tender age would be able to learn and actually espouse easily, correct diet for preventing cancer. Conversely then, because food could help prevent cancer, all schools in the US should have a special subject connected with cancer as well as nutrition, so the government could stop millions of deaths every year. Robbins study suggests surprisingly as may sound that, research after another has confirmed that genes are not the cause of most cancers, but rather, eating habits aided and abetted by drinking as well as smoking, are the strongest determinants of the proliferation of cancer. This means that, changing one’s diet makes an enormous difference and according to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, healthy diets not only make cancer less likely to begin but also helps a person already diagnosed with cancer to beat the disease. Robbins study tracked how cancer rates differ among groups of people whose lives are similar except for the way they eat. In other words, their smoking habits are about the same, there genetic backgrounds are similar, but their diets are different, and by zeroing in on diet, the study observed what happened to their cancer risk. Further, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine study also compared groups of people who are similar in every respect except that one group ate more vegetables and fruits or more whole grains, or steers clear of meat and other fatty foods. According to Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine study, people who ate more fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and avoided meat and other fatty foods had a much lower cancer risk. There are advantages of teaching cancer facts to students from elementary to high school, and the US curriculum must be tuned to include a cancer subject where students learn about the disease and more significantly about the nutritional content that can prevent cancer. Young people in primary and high school levels have a relatively fresh mind as far as preconceptions and misinformation regarding cancer is concerned. This makes possible the teaching of cancer from the scientific point of view in a more effective way. There will also be an advantage that cancer information imparted to these students may shift into their homes rapidly, so that parents, relatives, and other become well informed on the subject. Furthermore, coming up with a subject on cancer in the school syllabus that focuses on nutrition, would contribute in stimulating young minds towards careers of science, and particularly research pertaining to cancer. Notably too, when students would be informed about the causes of cancer in schools, they may be able to correct the living habits in order to prevent this hazard. Therefore, the US should have a special subject connected with cancer as well as nutrition in schools so that millions of deaths from cancer could be stopped from occurring every year. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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