Human genetic disorders research paper

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Context: Genetics

With the increase in diseases associated with genetic disorders, genetics is becoming a common topic for custom written research papers and essays. The growing knowledge and understanding of the human genetic profile is also contributing to the demand for such papers. The following genetics custom research essay discusses genetic disorders in humans. Human genetic disorders refer to human diseases that contain a genetic component. The diseases are a result of some defect in the genome. Genetic disorders may result out of an inheritance from parent genes or may be as a result of defects that arise out of new mutations in the DNA. People suffering from human genetic disorders can be treated through a method that is known as gene therapy. Gene therapy refers to the process of restoring the function of a damaged gene by injecting a DNA to the affected person. The study of human genetic disorders is imperative in sports. Human genetic disorders have prompted a lot of research in the area that has resulted in the discovery of therapies that can be used to correct certain genetic disorders. The therapies have also resulted in gene doping, where athletes are injected with DNA not for the purpose of restoring some function of a gene, but for the purposes of enhancing their performance in athletics. An international agency known as The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was, therefore, created in 1999. It is responsible for ensuring that athletes use gene therapy for therapeutic purposes only and not to enhance performance. Knowledge of genetic disorders allows a person to be aware of genetic factors that might be responsible for human physical performance. Knowledge of traits that are inherited and interindividual differences of the DNA that influence some traits can result in the development of various applications that will help in conducting of physiological exercises (Bouchard, Malina & Perusse, 1997). Such variables may include maximal running speed, oxygen uptake, anaerobic power, muscle enzyme concentration and work capacity among other traits. The knowledge of human genetic disorders is, therefore, very important in human life as it will help one understand the disorders and the therapies suitable for them. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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