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Context: Music: R n B

Rhythm and blues is a blanket term that has been used to refer to a variety of genres of songs. It is common to note that at times it has been abbreviated as R&B or RnB. A genre that is common among the African-America musicians. It started off in the 1940s and has since developed and evolved through different trends of music that has hit the world. Throughout history, the term rhythm and blues has been used to refer to different types of music. In the 1950s, it was noticeably contributed to the creation and start of rock and roll. It revolutionized RnB to the incorporation of electric blues (Gradient ). It evolved further into a new style that was called contemporary R&B. The paper looks at one of the musicians that have propagated this genre of music, Beyonce Knowles. The paper will analyze some of her music through this line of thinking. Beyonce Knowles was born on September 4th, 1981. She is known for her acting and singing. She started as a singer for the popular R&B girl-group Destiny’s child (Gradient ). She then moved on to do solo acts with her father as a manager. She is credited for producing so many billboard number one songs. She has produced quite a number of single hits that have made it to the top list since the breakup of the group in 2005 (Gradient ). In all her career, she is known to have stuck to the RnB trend. The paper looks at her songs Partition, Haunted, Xo, Mine, and Flawless all from her self-titled album Beyonce. It analyses these song in details and their relationship to the life of this great artist. Partition was recorded in one of Beyonce self-titled fifth album in 2013. It was produced by Columbia records. It incorporates the ideas from the 1950s fusion of rock and RnB by producing an electro fusion song. It is classified to fall in the genre hip-hop electro. The upbeat in the song is consistent and unique. The flow in the lyrics is exceptionally made with every line show artistic prowess of the artist. The song is about the alter ego of Beyonce as a person who likes having fun and is proud of her sexuality as a woman. She states in an interview that she likes whom she has turned out to be and at this time it is clear that she has mastered the art of being both the person in the song and herself. She goes further to state that she is now at peace with herself and her alter ego as being one and the same person (songfacts). Haunted was originally titled “Ghost Around” it was in the collection of the self-titled album song released in 2013. The beat was good and systematic in every aspect. It was exceptionally done rhythm with every line was executed superbly. The album had fusions of the genre of electro a revolution of RnB and a fusion of rock music. The song starts by being introduced to a young Beyonce receiving a Sammy Davis Jr. Award. The song is about her refusal to succumb to the pressure of production of commercial boring music. Many times young musicians are faced with the opportunity of being signed by record labels that pressure them into doing music that they do not feel comfortable doing and producing. Beyonce is trying to relate to the experiences she has undergone in her career as a musician. The things she has seen her fellow artists and herself do in the business (songfacts ). Xo is also part of the self titled album Beyonce which was released in 2013. Its upbeat beats are spectacularly done and rhythmical in every aspect. The rhythm of the song is classical and the flow in every line is magnificently done. Critics have presented claims that the song was a radio ready. They claim that the song was not original and was part of the space shuttle challenger disaster that saw people die. Beyonce in her response claimed the song was a tribute to the family of those who lost their loved once in that accident. It is touching that she did release the song as part of a love song but in the real sense, it was all but to offer condolences to the family and to feel with them in the loss that they encountered (rapgenius). It was performed at BRIT Awards 2014 while her Mr. Carter show world Tour. Mine is another song in the album, but it was made in collaboration with Drake. It has a relaxed jazz flow that has a fusion of RnB. It is noticeable that it has some African beats that are fused with traces of hip-hop. The flow of the lyrics gives the rhythm that fuses perfectly with the flow of the song. The song talks of her life and her challenges throughout the marriage and the limelight that they currently are in. The music goes on to give insight into the life of Beyoncé her giving birth and her family (Murphy). She pours her heart out about rumors of her separation from her husband. It has been considered by critics from different circles as being one of the best songs she has ever produced. With the review that has words like perfect and excellent it was one of her best works so far. Flawless is also part of the album Beyonce that was produced in 2013. It has the electro beat that combines a little fusion of the African beat and hip-hop while ensuring the contemporary Rnb genre is maintained. The rhythm of the song’s lyrics makes it exceptional. The song has been praised for the use of samples from the speech that was delivered by Ngozi Addichie (Gradient ). The song is about the plight of women in society their feel to defend having a say in all that happens around them and not feel helpless and defenseless. Beyonce claims that her reasons for writing the song was so that she would release a feeling she had while going to the studio, a sense of anger and annoyance that she usually does not have while on the studio (Gradient ). After releasing it, she felt the song was captivating and so decided to release the song. The self titled album was touching on issues that were sensitive and crucial in the life of Beyonce. It touched on the aspects that would affect a woman in her daily life. The release of the album was in a way opening to the fact that Beyonce has now grown from singing about love to real time issues that would be affecting every woman. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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