A quiz on phonetics

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Context: Language phonetics

Make a narrow transcription of the first sound of the following words. 1. Cheap [t∫ 2. They [ȁ 3. She [∫ 4. Yelling [‘j 5. Care [k A phonetic transcription is a visual representation of speech sounds. It is common in most dictionaries and is used in most dictionaries. Narrow transcription are such that it helps writers get the exactly the right sounds. Make a narrow transcription of the last sound of the following words 6. Soda dӘ] 7. Sing Ƞ] 8. Try i] 9. Singer (in American English) -Ә-] 10. Kill l] Make a narrow transcription of the underlined parts of the following words. 11. Feeling [fi:.liȠ] 12. Rider (in America English)[’rại.dӘ-] 13. Width [wɪtθ] 14. Captain [’kæp.tin] 15. Pert (in British English) [pɝːt] 16. Pew [pjuː] 17. Circle the words that begin with a bilabial consonant Net set bet let pet A bilabial constant is a consonant article in a word that that is articulated with both lips. In this case the words bet and pet would show signs of this articulation. Pet starts with a voiceless bilabial stop while bet starts with a voiceless bilabial stop. 18. Circle the words that end with an affricate. Judge back church hide An affricate is a constant sound that is made up of a plosive and then a fricative made in the same place in the mouth. The words Church and Judge would best fit this description. Most of the time the words begin with an alveolar and then ends with a fricative just like the two words selected. 19. Circle the words that begin with a stop. Lip kit graph fry ooze 20. Circle the words that end with a fricative. Shy breathe bang mean Fill in the blanks 21. Voiceless stops, /p, t, k/ are aspirated when they are syllable initial as in words such as pip, test, kick [ph ɪp, th est, kh iK] 22. The gestures for consecutive stops overlap, so that stops are unexploded when they occur before another stop in words such as apt [æp t] 23. Nasals are syllabic at the end of a word when immediately after an obstruent as in sudden [ˈsʌdn̩] 24. [p,t,k] are not the only voiceless stops in English. Many people also pronounce a glottal stop in some words. The symbol for a glottal stop is [ʔ] 25. Vowels are nasalized in syllables closed by a nasal consonant as in dean [diːn] What phonetic property distinguishes each of the following pairs of sounds (e.g. [p] and [b]: voicing)? 26. [i] and [I] voicing. This is because they both have the same phonetic sound to put emphasis on one and not the other would make them sound different. 27. [k] and [t] potal verses alvealor. This would be due to the differences that exist in the pronunciation of both letters. K is pronounced as [kei] while t is pronounced as [ti:] 28. [n] and [d] hasal verses oral. This is to say that the difference of the two would have been the difference in pronunciation which would be n[en] while the letter d [di:] 29. [t∫ and [∫] the difference would have been the pronunciation of both letters. 30. [a] and [ᵅ] manner of articulation of the syllables. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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