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I. Title page 1. Title of paper 2. Author’s name 3. Institutional affiliation II. Abstract 1. Overview of what the paper will explore III. Introduction 1. Definition of corporate sponsorship and naming rights 2. Thesis statement IV. Background information A. Evolution of naming rights 1. Historically stadia were names after geographic locations, base tenants and famous people 2. Stadia are being renamed after corporations and brand names to benefit sponsor V. Types of naming rights A. To an event B. To a team C. To a facility VI. Motives for sponsorship A. Financial gains 1. Owner gains from the naming rights fee 2. New revenue streams for sponsor B. Community goodwill 1. Providing public service 2. Enhancing a community’s cultural spirit 3. Promoting sports in a community C. Direct marketing 1. Enhance sponsoring company’s position in a market 2. Enhance a company’s image regarding corporate citizenship 3. To secure exclusive concession and vending rights within sponsored stadia 4. Free recognition by the local media and community 5. The power of association D. Corporate benefits 1. Exclusive rights to use some of the venue’s facilities 2. The opportunity to exploit association with venue for hospitality purposes 3. Corporate can benefit from issuing complimentary and promotional tickets 4. Corporate get the right to host their clients in the facility 5. Corporate can dictate the individuals who are allowed to visit certain venue locations VII. Factors that affect the pricing of naming rights A. The contents or entitlements of the naming rights facility B. The quality and quantity of the events that will be held in a facility (Daniel, 2006) C. The condition of the local market D. The price set by the operators VIII. Managerial implications of sponsorship A. Free advertising when events are carried out at facility 1. Free newspaper coverage 2. Free radio coverage 3. Free television coverage 4. Free coverage by magazines 5. Free coverage by websites B. Onsite promotion 1. Extensive branding exposure a. Name or corporate logo on the facility b. Name or logo of facility on scoreboards C. Offsite promotion 1. Affiliation of sponsor with facility 2. Rights to have facility images in sponsor’s events and advertisements 3. Sponsor can get leasing or blocking rights to the facility D. Increase of revenue from the publicity E. Enhanced corporate attitude F. Increased consumer purchasing behavior IX. Benefits to owner of venue A. Injection of funds by the sponsor 1. Subsidization of building costs 2. Improvement of facility 3. Funding of grassroots activities B. Attraction of high profile events in facility C. Closer relationship between the public and the facility X. Disadvantages of renaming facilities A. Risks to the venue owner 1. Failed negotiations may scare other sponsors 2. Resentment from loyal fans who fail to embrace the new name 3. Legal implications from the misfortunes of the sponsor a. Complications in exit and termination clauses 4. Complications that may discourage other potential commercial opportunities such as use of facility for world cup B. Risks to the sponsor 1. Complications in naming following mergers and acquisitions 2. Negative image of facility should sponsor fail or be involved in scandals 3. Exposure depends on how facility is used and number of events in facility 4. Changing facility names may have negative consequences a. Resentment from loyal fans who fail to embrace the new name b. Bad publicity to sponsor 5. Underutilization of facility or regular failure to attract significant crowds may dilute naming rights and result in negative publicity. 6. Government barriers to naming rights 7. Resentment from loyal fans who fail to embrace the new name ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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