An essay on drug abuse and depression

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Context: Mental health and drug abuse

Students will often be given assignments on mental health and drug abuse, an issue that affects the youth more than any other age group. Drug abuse often leads to depression, while severe depression can cause drug abuse. This is therefore a favorite topic for writing assignments especially for students taking psychology. similarly, there are online assignment writing services that are ready to do you homework. If you need help with your homework, it only take a minute to register and order on this professional assignment writing service. the following is an overview of a mental health issue and its association with drug abuse. Effects of major depression include irritable mood or being persistently sad, pronounced changes in appetite, slowing movement, insomnia, agitation, lack of concentration, amnesia, persistent thoughts of suicide or death, guilt, low self esteem, and persistent physical symptoms such as chronic pain, digestive disorders and headaches. Despite the devastating effects of major depression, it is highly treatable. Established methods of treating major depression include psychotherapy, medication and electroconvulsive therapy. In addition, support and peer education can be used to promote recovery. One should also pay attention to making changes in the lifestyle that include smoking cessation, diet and exercises, which can promote better health. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) is caused by prenatal exposure to alcohol. FAS results in mental retardation, neurological and behavioral problems. Specific biological, psychological and cognitive issues associated with FAS include children experiencing various problems with learning language and memory, performing poorly in tasks involving spatial relationships among objects, having attention problems, poor reaction time and poor problem solving skills. Families are affected in personal ways when a child is born with FAS. Children born with FAS create a very demanding situation for the family both financially and socially. The families will have a financial burden of providing special care and treatments for the child. The parents may experience feelings of guilt with knowledge that the child’s situation is their fault. The parents may separate the affected child from other children due to shame. The burden brought by the child may also result in marital instability. Sometimes, getting a school that fully understands the disability of a child might be a problem. Role of mass media The media and music play a key role in the promotion of illicit drug use. Alcohol and tobacco companies spend a fortune every year advertising their products. Digital media is increasingly becoming a platform for advertising drugs. The X-rated movies shown on television and other related media expose children to drug use and are the cause of increased drug use in adolescents. Substance use in popular music has also made youth to view drug use as a presentable thing. More youth are being driven to drug use as a result of such music's influence. In order to counter the glamorization of drug use, parents have resorted to advising their kids to stay drug free while making good choices. Coalitions have been formed to counter the drug culture. Special projects have been designed in the entertainment industry to provide youth education that counters the glamorization of drugs. Arts group have been formed that teach thoughtful production and consumption of mass media. Visit homepage ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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