An essay on Friendship

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Context: Social Ideologies

How important is friendship? How important are friends? Humans are social creature that value friendship. It is impossible for any human to live a healthy productive life alone. Forget R.L. Stevenson’s Robinson Crusoe. You would die of depression were it not for your social network, whatever you conceive it to be. Where can I buy a friendship paper? Friendship is a popular topic for online assignment writing services. For example, on this website, many essays on friendship are completed every week. You can also have your assignment on friendship completed here. Our professional assignment writers can do a variety of papers such as research papers, argumentative papers and essays on friendship. Do not hesitate to buy you essay on this website at you convenience. The following is a short overview of friendship matters. There are two fundamental types of relationships that reflect the kind of friendship widespread in today’s world. Consumer and entrepreneurial relationships. Consumer friendships refer to those that people participate in because of the pleasure they offer or bring to one. On the other hand, entrepreneurial relationships are those that one invests in, with the hope that the friendship will offer one some return. More significantly though, these two types of relationships dominate today’s age of economics. Using people for own ends in the name of friendship is common everywhere, in corporate entities, workplaces, to public institutions. Aristotle elaborately deciphered the subject of friendship into three fundamental parts: friendship for pleasure, friendship for usefulness, and true friendship. In the current age of economics, true friendship is lacking. Indeed, true friendship is an essential constituent of a flourishing human life. Workmates may claim to be friends in the office, but if one workmate resigns or is transferred to a different place, within a month or two, the other workmate ceases to be a friend and they forget about each other to a large extent. Indeed, it is true that friendship is a practical and emotional relationship of mutual and reciprocal goodwill, trust, respect, and love or affection between people who enjoy spending time together. Aristotle elevated friendship at its best to an ethical ideal, declaring that only good people could be friends in the fullest sense, and only with such friendship could the virtues be fully exercised. True friends must be equally good, for if one friend is morally better than the other, the superior friend’s goodness will be diminished by spending time with the worse friend. For example, if one has a bad friend morally, chances are that friend is going to pull one down, and a friend who would pull one down or corrupt one is indeed not a true friend at all. The consumer and entrepreneurial relationships resemble Aristotle’s lesser forms of friendship. These lesser forms of friendship act as if they are complete forms of friendship but only superficially, because they do not have the part of goodwill that true friendship is based on. The friendship of utility to be does not deserve the name of friendship because people whose friendship is based on utility do not love or are not the friends of one another, but only of their own advantage. Therefore, friendship of pleasure and utility are friendships by analogy only. Conversely, the difference between personal friendship and other forms of personal love can be seen in the fact that people may love each other as siblings, as parent and child, or as wife and husband, without loving each other as friends. This is a few paragraphs of a possible essay assignment on friendship. Order such papers from this assignment writing service at any time. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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