An essay on the presidents of the United States

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Context: United States presidency

Which presidents of the United States are often studied? The United States president is definitely an influential figure not only in America, but also around the world. Various presidents with notable accomplishments have been studied in the American education systems. Essay assignments on Abraham Lincoln and his role in abolition of slavery as well as in the American civil war are very common. Similarly, President Kennedy and Franklin Roosevelt are very much featured in academic assignments. In more recent times, Nixon, Reagan, and Bush Junior and Senior have been studied due to their controversial foreign policies. Currently, president Obama is the subject of many custom assignment writing orders. Many essays comparing the presidents or studying some of them have been completed on this assignment writing service alone. Therefore, writers here have experience of writing papers on any president of the United States. Which presidents are more relevant to future of the United States in the twenty first century? An era in America that has been termed as the post-modern period saw three of the world most influential presidents make way for reforms and revolution of the thinking of the American people, or influencing their voting and their way of life. It is important to note that this was one of the most influential times on the American history. Did America change or was the illusions from social, political, and economic difficulties make them feel they had changed? The Ronald Reagan election was all about appealing to the country’s needs. His success was in line with providing an opening a notion that Jimmy carter did not have any idea of. Bush was never a reformist he only built on ideas that his predecessor had created and put in place. Clinton was more of Reagan that his predecessor was. The election of Ronald Reagan was based on conservative views unlike his opponent, Jimmy carter who had sailed on views of New deal liberalism. Ronald had provided a campaign in line with the vision of what the people wanted. The American voter was tired with the depression that the country was in and the age of war that the country was constantly plugged into. Reagan presented a way out for all this ideas by his Economic Recovery Act of 1981. President Bush’s tenure saw the development of the international reforms that those of the domestic factors. He had taken the direction given by his predecessor to appeal to the people's most needs. He was a strong candidate that almost went unopposed in the 1992 elections. However, the appeals that were made by Clinton on issues of Education reforms and health sector were sounds that were close enough to Reagan and he was defeated. On the other hand, Clinton was a charismatic leader though faced with many issues during his reign and little victories in legislation he was a leader was very appealing to the people. If you are a student or a professional out there and you want help with assignment on presidents on the United States, you are on the right website. Register and order from this assignment writing service. You can buy assignments ranging from doctoral level dissertations to high schools essays. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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