Theoretical Framework in schools, colleges and universities

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Context: Education and school administration

Often, students, especially those who are education majors, are given assignments on education frameworks. Majority of the assignments are dissertations or thesis papers that analyze a particular problem or trend in the educations sector. Since dissertations and similar assignments are length and tasking, it is wiser for a student to seek writing help from online assignment writing services. Writers capable of writing doctoral level dissertations are available on the internet, but on a few reliable custom essay writing services. You can have your paper written according to your instructor’s requirements for a fair cheap price online. An example of a custom assignment that can be done by a writer here is the effect or effectiveness of technology in education. What are the theoretical frameworks used to apply technology to support students? In the current technological world dispensation, young people in learning institutions have an alley of new technologies in every scope of study. The new technologies are equally fundamental in the learning process, as well complicated to learn and articulate the use of every one of them. Consequently, the main study intends to explore how technology supports young learners. The problem of the study is that owing to the presence of many technologies available for young learners in institutions of study today, choosing the relevant technologies for one’s scope of study is complex. This is because there is little knowledge among the young learners on how a particular technology is relevant and supportive in specific areas of learning. The intent of the study is thus to explore the various technologies available in the learning process and how they support various areas of study, in order for learners to know and choose the relevant technologies in their field of study. The study is based on two educational theories: the curriculum theoretical framework and the instructional design theory. The research question is whether curriculum used in many institutions of learning as well as the method of instruction help students to apply relevant technologies in their area of learning and how these technologies are fundamental in supporting their process of gaining insight as young learners. What does curriculum mean for application of technology in education? The curriculum is a complicated conversation between students and teachers. The curriculum theory focuses on educational experience because it is the key conveyance into the world. The curriculum theory refers to a scholarly effort to understand this complicated conversation between a student and teacher, characterized by spirited, informed, and systematic communication. The theory is relevant because it is necessarily critical of contemporary school reform, and more significantly in the current technological era. How is the instructional approach to learning applied in the education system? Equally, the instructional design theories simply endeavor to describe how to organize instruction in order to achieve objectives. These theories prescribe what a designer or teacher should do in the selection and organization of instructional events to aid effective and efficient learning. Instructional theories take into account the nature of outcomes to be learned or taught, events taking place during instruction, sequence of instructional events, and appropriate activities within each event. This theory is also relevant in the study because, it will enable one find out whether teachers have the relevant designs of instruction to equip young learners with pertinent knowledge regarding how technology supports them in their area of study as well as the most appropriate, efficient, and relevant technologies. This is an overview of a possible dissertation assignment. Some of the discussed topics could be applied in examining theoretical frameworks of a curriculum. To order a dissertation focusing on curricula in universities or colleges, place an order at writingspro. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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