An essay assignment on gender equality in China

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Context: gender Equality

China is one of the most influential nations on the planet in the twenty first century. On the contrary, China is a fairly reclusive country whose government and social affairs are not much publicized. Regardless of lack of publicity assignments essays on China will always be given to students. Such an influential country cannot be ignored by education systems. It follows that class assignments on China must be done regularly. There are several issues afflicting china, and some of them are gender equality, pollution, and press freedom, among others. You can therefore order a written assignment online from assignment writing websites. Varieties of custom written papers are available on this website. However, for this page, focus will be on an assignment on gender equality in china. What were the differences in the approaches of the Kuomintang and the Communist Party to social issues? The CCP of China promised a revolution that would lead to liberation of women. However, this was not so well achieved, as initially planned. The KMT and the CCP once worked together as one. Differences in certain fields brought about a fall out that led to the civil war, which resulted in the CCP winning. This was not by chance, as the two had a completely different approach. Whereas the KMT focused on physical superiority, and brutally handled the communists, the CCP focused on the less privileged 95% of the country who were illiterate. Most among them being women. Mao applied bringing up these 95% of common people and farmers. How did the 1949 revolution bring change for the women of China? Prior to the revolution, the men who advocated changing the traditionally subservient role of Chinese women did so because they believed that educated, more capable Chinese women would better be able to raise sons who are intelligent and morally sound. These were the ideal sons who could build a strong China that could then defend itself from foreign imperialism. The deep roots of discrimination in China against women lie within its ancient Confucian traditions. The origin of the Confucian system lies in the 551-479 BC period. This was embodied in the five cardinal virtues taught by Confucius. This refers to the difference between the man and woman who form a couple. It states that men are the breadwinners and women are the house makers. This was as per the feudal period. Women also became more empowered in the institution of marriage. In the past, a woman was betrothed at a tender age. Her husband was selected by her parents, with the help of a matchmaker and senior female relatives. Once in the husband’s house, she was to submit entirely to her husband and his male relatives. A husband was allowed to have multiple wives and could divorce on grounds such as barrenness, jealousy, and talkativeness. Women could not divorce their husbands. Men could also sell women like property. Women were restricted almost entirely to the domestic sphere, and were mainly uneducated. Women completely relied on men due to their lack of property and inheritance rights, and their inability to earn an income. You can find an assignment writer to complete your custom essay by ordering a paper from this website. Enjoy our premium custom assignment writing services. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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