Book Review assignment: The Reconstruction Era

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Context: American Reconstruction

What was the reconstruction? What where the effects of the reconstruction after the American civil war? The American civil war is one of the most written about topics in academic papers and essays. The diverse assignments on American civil war, and some of them might not necessarily include the war itself. Research papers, argumentative essays and regular American civil war papers often discuss the causes of the war or the aftermath. Such assignments are ordered on this assignment writing service every day. That said, the aftermath is noted for reconstruction, the process of rebuilding and consolidating political and economic integrity of the American nation. An essay on reconstruction discusses the process and its impacts. However, and essay on reconstruction may focus on the influence of some people on the process. Some changes, such as the widespread abolition of slavery in the united states could be the major topic for discussion in a research paper or an essay. Evidently, there are multiple approaches to writing a paper on reconstruction. What are some of the books and authors important in American history? After four years of civil war, the era spanning from 1865 was a time to rebuild the American nation, commonly known as ‘the reconstruction era’. One of the books documenting American reconstruction after civil war is “The Reconstruction Era: Primary Documents on Events from 1865 to 1877” by Donna Lee Dickerson. This historical period was chosen because it has a significant aspect of American history, that is, reconstruction. Dickerson writes this book to show the contribution of most writers and particularly the role independent journalism played in agitating the bid for reconstruction in this period. The issues that America was facing at the time after a civil war were serious, and as such, nationalists endeavored as much to provide their opinions regarding how to address them. Note that the media at the time served political interests as compared to social needs that were the main course of conflicts. In implication then, Dickerson’s purpose of compiling the various reactionary documents of various writers was to reveal how politicians, editors, and various scholars in America used the media to influence opinion in the era of reconstruction. It was in the backdrop of a disastrous war in the south, as the economy, landscape, and race relations lay in ruins. The task of rebuilding meant not only helping to heal the nation’s wounds but also restoring the confederate states to the union and transforming southern society. Actually, the long-term consequences of the war left serious social, political, and economic challenges to address. In implication then, issues such as immigration, Indian wars, political corruption, presidential impeachment, constitutional amendments, and civil rights dominated the themes in the book. The book contains 30 chapters arranged in a systematic presentation of the events. For example, each chapter in the book introduces an issue or event and then provided articles written by various media personalities, with opposing sides depicted and how such events or issues affected the nation. The audience is the American people and concerned historian. The author seems to imply that, newspapers and various media at the time played a major contribution in disseminating the issues that were behind the civil war and providing fundamental rationales on how to address them. Assignment on the American civil war, slavery in America or reconstruction can be ordered on this assignment writing service anytime. We provide customer support and money back guarantee besides delivering premium quality papers to all customers. Find a professional assignment writer on this assignment writing service. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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