A research essay on social psychology in sport

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Context: Sports and psychology

Psychology is important in sport, and is a critical undertaking for any team or individual that wants to excel in a certain sport. Effect of psychological factors on sports can be observed in Tiger Woods, a fourteen time golfing champion who is now, in 2015, showing signs of failing. Essays on sports are common, albeit not papers on psychology in sport. However, psychology in sport essays are just some of the many types of papers that are offered by custom writing services online. A research paper required by your professor or instructor can report on the effect of psychological factors on performance of a team. Alternatively, an individual examination may be done in an essay or research paper. However, a dissertation on psychology of sport or a thesis paper on the same topic has to be on a specific topic in the broader perspective. The following questions and discussions of the same provide some insight to writing essays on psychology of sport. Critically discuss the reasons why sports performers may be motivated to manipulate self-presentation in sport. It has been found that individuals want to shield themselves from showing weakness, especially in a new environment. Psychologically, athletes build on this and want to shield weakness in the eyes of the teammates and the opponents. Given that self-presentational issues have a direct influence on an athletes’ cognition, emotions, and behaviors then is reasonable that should they be threatened, they stand to lose. This is a condition that would force players not to disclose their pain, injury or even fear. They do this in an effort to avoid being labeled cowards. A player’s mental strength and a willingness are factors that would be helpful in determining the success of the team. Disclosure of player’s conditions would put all these aspects about that particular player under scrutiny by the coach, making them underperform. Explain clearly theories explaining self-presentation and interpersonal perception in sport. Self-handicapping is a theory that has been under research for quite some time. Most people shield themselves from hurting their self-esteem should they fail in their strategy. It was a theory that was first presented by Edward Jones and Steven Berglas. The theory is clearly seen when players create imaginary obstacles to avoid low self-esteem when they are likely to fail. Creation of injuries or development of an illness that incapacitates them all but to ensure failure is not an option. In other instances, the theory can be used to develop the players esteem. In such situations, the employment of intimidation is a tactic that is used on the opponents. Critically examine research evidence within interpersonal perception. Research was conducted so as to assess the impact of opponents’ clothing and body language on impression formation and the outcome expectation. The first hypothesis of the research was conducted to test the body language displayed by the opponents. His clothing had no impact on the judgment made concerning his mental state and readiness. The results indicated that players had a better rating when they had positive body language than when with a negative body language. This would be in support of the theory that information that is taken on first encounter would be used in influencing impression of another person. The next hypothesis was in line with the thinking that wearing of cloths that displayed positive would go hand in hand in influencing the presentation and perception of the players. The results were positive in support of the hypothesis in all accounts. In another case study, studies have shown that gymnasts’ placements in within-team order would affect their scores: an effect that is best explained by Judges yielding a cognitive confirmation. Conclusively the judges’ expectations of the gymnasts were conceptualized in line with the schema approach of social cognition research. Three key points were addressed in the issue, and these would be task difficulty, social situation, and process stage. In other words, perception was ruled out in terms of mental process. It was concluded that the athlete would easily be affected by the conditions presented. Any essay on psychology in sport can be written here. Specialization of writers on this custom writing service ranges from report writing, dissertation writing, thesis writing, college paper writing university essay writing and any other field associated with writing services on the internet. Request for a paper to be written here by professional academic paper writers for a fair price. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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