An Essay on Effects of Internet on Intelligence

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Context: The internet, the web, and their effects

In the age of the internet learning has become a new process altogether. Applications of the internet, especially the web, have changed human behaviour such that attention and learning are affected either positively or negatively. A research paper on the effects of the internet on human brain will focus on the effects of the technology on human brain and intelligence. Often, instead of a research paper, college and university professors will require a position paper or an argumentative essay of this topic. Such essays can we done online by an experienced custom paper writer. There is sufficient documentation of the effects of web online, and an essay on the negative or positive effects of the internet on teenagers or adults is easy to write. For you convenience, it is easier to order a paper online rather than write one yourself. Read some views that could be incorporated into an essay about the internet debate below.

In contemporary society, young people do not have to read books or seek knowledge from experienced people regarding any subject. The internet, which is readily available on electronic devices that occupy a significant proportion of young people’s attention, can provide answers to almost all questions. This technological revolution has changed the mechanisms through which people learn and think. It is also possible that the internet is gradually changing how brains develop and gain their intellectual capacity. In the article “Does Continual Googling Really Make You Stupid?”, Henig and Henig argue that small pieces of information that are constantly delivered by internet throughout most people’s lives have the potential to reduce the brain’s intuitive capacity. Henig and Henig cite a journal article by Nicholas Carr, a journalist, discussing how distracting messages from the internet diminish the brain’s ability to engage in deep thoughts.

On the other hand, Henig and Henig present findings from another research, which indicates that the internet acts as a storage space for information that would otherwise clog the human brain. Furthermore, Henig and Henig continue to give more evidence from a survey by psychologists, which indicates that the internet helps people develop complex thinking skills. Henig and Henig hold position that the internet may impair the ability of humans to recall, but helps develop complex and critical thinking with repeated use. While research show that the internet diminishes the ability of the brain to store information, it also indicates that it develops better intuitive thinking and ability to engage in complex analysis.

The arguments presented by Nicholas Carr as cited by Henig and Henig are based on theory rather than empirical research. Carr draws scenarios of how electronic devices interfere with the concentration of people who tend to use them often. While it is plausible that electronic devices can cause distraction and diminished attention, there is no evidence to support the argument that such impairment of cognitive abilities affects intuitive capabilities. Here, Carr fails to express the link between inability to foster constant attention and inability to engage in deep thought. Carr’s failure to substantiate the link between intuition and concentration makes this particular argument irrelevant. Furthermore, Carr does not present any empirical evidence that suggest constant bother caused by the internet has the ability to cause perpetual lack of concentration. This is another weakness in the argument against the internet. The above is just a short overview of the effects of the internet on humans, and a possible introduction to an essay. To have a research paper of the effect of the internet or the web on teenagers done for you order a paper on this website and you will have a reason to smile.



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