A Superstition Essay on Ghost Hunting

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Context: Superstition

Research papers on superstition are often written in schools. An instructor will often give assignments that ask students to explore an issue on the topic of superstition. Some of the common subjects in these assignments are ghost hunting, the Salem witch-hunts, the inquisition, poltergeist sightings and other topics that are controversial in the modern world. In the modern day, and in civilized societies, witch hunts, inquisitions and the like are rare. However, ghost hunting is a common practice in many societies, where it is done for cultural purposes or for leisure. An essay on ghost hunting is the most likely choice for your instructor since this is a modern phenomenon. If you have arrived at this website, you must be asking, “Which website can write my essay on ghost hunting?”. The ultimate solution to your problem is registering here and ordering an essay on ghost hunting right away. Read the following preamble to get a picture of what you might put in the instructions for your research essay. For centuries, people have tried to establish contact with poltergeists supposedly representing the spirits of the dead. Ghost hunting, as this kind of investigation is known, is meant to establish an experience or proof the existence of such abnormal occurrences. While the paranormal is not generally accepted in the scientific world because of its lack of substantial empirical or theoretical evidence, people have tried to used scientific methods to detect, capture or even proof that ghosts exist. Ghosts are just a small part of the theoretical supernatural world. There are particular interests in ghosts because they are thought to be related to deceased humans. A significant proportion of people around the world believe that ghosts are a reality. However, the bigger proportion of the population does not believe in existence of ghosts of deceased people. Scientists are most skeptical critics of ghost hunting. Although ghost hunting is a popular practice particularly in the western world, no valid scientific evidence or arguments exist to support the positive outcomes of various investigations by ghost hunters. Therefore, the practice of ghost hunting is futile. There are various methods used by ghost hunters to detect ghosts. Some will invite psychics to communicate with the said poltergeist to prove the existence of the paranormal. Although he scientific instruments and methods used for the investigations are conventional, they are not designed to investigate objects that exist beyond the physical world. It is common for people to employ video cameras to record sightings of ghosts. It is not established that the electromagnetic waves can reflect off the surface of a ghost. This makes such investigations invalid. A scientific instrument cannot be used for scientific research for which it was not designed. Ghost hunters are also of the opinion that ghosts present with abnormally low temperature compared to the prevailing physical environment. Again, there is no scientific documentation of empirical studies or scientific theories associating low temperature and spirits. In any case, spirits and ghosts are still undefined concepts. They are not tangible, and are not known to possess any physical characteristic. If the instruments used for the experiments were to be valid for the specific purpose, then the ghosts and the instruments should share same physical laws and constraints. In “Scientific Paranormal Investigation”, Benjamin Radford faults ghost hunters for trying to use sound and light capturing technologies to produce evidence of ghosts Radford says that the instruments often capture some of the thousands of electromagnetic signals in the atmosphere and present them as evidence of ghosts. It is conclusive that ghost hunters do not use appropriate instruments to conduct research to support claims of poltergeist experience. To have an essay on ghost hunting or any other superstition written for you, order a paper at writingspro. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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