Writing an essay on American fast food and health

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Context: American fast food industry and health

There is an ever present concern over the effect of junk food on American people. Essays on the effect of fast food on American teenagers and other young people are common on the internet. College research papers or university essays on this topic may seek to explain the role of the fast food industry in creating the current state of health among Americans. On the other hand, a dissertation on fast food and health or a university thesis on this topic may be more specific, and can focus on a single ailment such as diabetes or heart disease. While writing an essay on effects of fast food on the health American people, research is more important than anything else is. Formats such as APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and Harvard referencing are obvious and known to any professional in university or college education. Therefore, doing substantial research on the fast food industry before writing your essay or research paper is important even for a high school paper. Since such essay is bound to be primarily targeted at young people, the following perspectives might be important for the paper. Research work, even for a dissertation or a college thesis on this topic is not difficult as long as the target sample population is the United States people. The United States’ population is known for its fast food consumption. Although this assertion might seem to be a stereotyping statement, United States is home to the world’s largest fast food companies. Most of the companies are world-famous and are known even in places where they do not operate. Fast food is linked to the problem of obesity and diabetes. Much worse, the high content of sugar, fat and other undesirable substances in excess is the cause of heart disease in some Americans. The association of fast food with heart disease means that it could be one of the leading killers of American citizens. There is a concern among American health agencies and citizens in general due to the unrelenting lead of heart disease as one of the fatal ailments in America. Despite the numerous alerts and alarms of over increase of heart ailments and other conditions directly associated with fast food, Americans continue to consume fast food more than they have ever done. Occasional reports of decreasing consumption of fast food are often overshadowed by increase in disorders related to fast food. Fast food companies are responsible for the sustained excessive consumption of fast food through their advertisements. The essay, research paper, or dissertation may also discuss the circumstances in which Americans developed the fast food easing culture. There is a reason why fast food is becoming progressively popular. American fast food companies, which have become massive corporations, use their advertising power to target the young and the unwary. These advertisements are so popular that they have enabled fast food companies to assimilate people in the neighboring countries into the fast-food-eating culture. Children are oblivious of the existence of heart diseases and ailments such as diabetes. In addition, young adults are indifferent of the consequences of excessive consumption of fast food. Companies find them easier targets for their advertising campaigns. In addition, young people do not consider disorders associated with fast food an object of concern. To them heart disease and diabetes are afflictions of the elderly. Therefore, ignorance contributes to consumption of fast food by young people. If you are in need of essay writing help for an essay on fast food in America and its effect on health, or any other essay, you can register and order your essay. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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