Research paper on drug abuse: An essay

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Context: Drug problem in the united states of America

Drug abuse is an endemic problem around the world. Essays on drug abuse are written regularly especially in American universities and colleges because the United States has a widespread drug problem. An assignment on drug abuse can be written from the perspective of the law enforcement or the perspective of the drug user. Most custom writing services will offer research paper writing services on drug abuse in the United States. However, for high quality papers, it is necessary to make use of services of a premium urgent essay writing platform. A drug abuse essay can be written using material from the internet. There are many online academic journals and primary research reports that can be used to write a drug abuse research paper online. To order a college drug abuse essay or even a university drug abuse paper online is a simple affair if you are dealing with a website like this one. You can be assured of quality even if you request for a high school drug abuse essay. Deadlines are not negotiable and delivery of your paper is prompt. Dissertations on drug abuse are also common and are done here. Before you buy your drug abuse in the United States essay on the internet, the following are some ideas that might be useful in your instructions. Your essay or research paper on drug abuse may seek to examine a general problem. However, a university or college level drug abuse paper can focus on a specific issue. For example, a drug abuse thesis or a drug abuse dissertation may explore the likelihood of a child abusing drugs as an adult. The problem of drug abuse and addiction is inherent among all societies and cultures. This problem is blamed on many inadequacies in the societal structures. Several factors are thought to contribute to drug abuse among children who are brought up in abnormal environments. However, there is a heightened concern for children whose parents are drug abusers. While drug abuse among parents may not be automatically transferred to the child, it is possible that there are several ways in which drug use can be inherited. Some author’s have suggested that lack of parental support for children whose parents are drug abusers is a major determinant of the child’s attitude towards drugs. Others have proposed that parent’s leniency towards drug use is a direct contribution to a child’s attitude towards drug use. On the other hand, some authors have tried to use scientific evidence to support the claim that drug use is a genetic problem that flows among family members regardless of other factors that persuade young people to engage in drug abuse. Bahr et al examines the results of a study in which substance abuse among parents and its effect on children is evaluated. According to Bahr et al, peers have a significant ability to influence a young person’s attitude towards drugs. However, according to this literature, drug use is a habit that is acquired by learning from other users. The frequency with which a child witnesses another person abuse a drug changes the child’s perception and attitude toward the drug. A parent may be the closest individual to a child, and when a parent frequently abuses drugs, it is likely that the child will emulate the behavior. The child may go on to abuse drugs due to the natural trust that a child has for a parent. Furthermore, drug-abusing parents are not likely to show negative attitude towards a similar behavior in children. There is little justification for a parent to warn against drug use by a child while he or she is a frequent user of the drug. In addition, Bahr et al postulates that drug use is a habit that requires repetitive acquaintance for the child to be accustomed. Parents are often admired individuals who sometimes are models for their children. It is easier for a parent’s behavior to influence a child’s attitude towards drugs than it is for a peer’s profile to influence an individual’s perception towards drug abuse. Bahr et al. Continues to point out that the relationship between parents and their children are often more intimate than relationships among young peers. For this reason, children are likely to learn drug abuse from repetitive experiences with their parents. Bahr et al attributes parent’s attitude to drug use to relationship patterns in the family. A child raised in a family where other members frequently abused drugs is likely to acquire the habit through learning. These are just some of the perspectives on drug abuse essay. To buy a research paper on drug abuse, please go here and register in a minute. ORDER PLAGIARISM FREE PAPER


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